Safar and the Drums of Armageddon (World War III)


Discourse (Sohbet) of Sultan of Saints Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil Al Kibirsi Al Haqqani An-Naqshbandi Al-Hassani Ar-Rabbani (Q.S) on 15 December 2012, Lefke,Cyprus.
Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem
Allahumma Swalli Alaa Sayyidina Muhammadin Wa Ala Aali Sayyidina Muhammadin Wa Sallim
Meded Ya Al Haqqani Meded Ya Sultanul Awliya Meded Ya Rijal Allah…
Mawlana Shaykh says that the Armageddon (world war 3) will begin strongly and will start to sweep away through countries.
Unbelief and all who are related to unbelief will be swept all or most of them. And Sham (Syria) will open, Insha’a Allah.
Al Malhama (Armageddon) will take place on the plain of Amuq. Don’t even ask about that great war on Amuq plain, the great slaughter….and the way to Istanbul will open.
Mahdi (A.S) gives instructions but he himself is not appearing yet.
Grand Shaykh (Sutlanul Awliya Shaykh Abdullah Faiz Dagestani alaihi Rahma) would say: “Then, a power will come from Sham (Syria) to Amuq plain and face the ones coming from up!”. Who he called “the yellows” are the Russians. Who comes from here are the Muslims. They will fight there. 80 8ivisions are on this side, 80 divisions are on the other side.under 80 flags., 12000 soldiers. Calculate 80 times 12000, stand in the upper part.
And the same amount of soldiers come from here, from Sham (Syria), they are also 80 divisions. Each division is 12000 men. So approximately 1 million here and 1 million there will fight.It will be finished on the plain of Amuq. I am fearing…I am fearing.
This violence, may Allah make us far from it, Sham (Syria) will open like this. The Sultan will definitely come. The Sultan in Jordan will enter inside. Mahdi (A.S)’ hand is on it but he,himself is not apparent yet. When the order comes, when Al Malhama (Big war) is over, Mahdi (A.S) will say 3 Takbeer (Glorification of Alllah Almighty) Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. All the technology that is present on the earth now, all of it will stop.
No Ships, no flights, not tanks, no cannons,nothing will work. Definitely with swords, the cavalry (horsemen) will arrive and no one know from where they come. When Mahdi (A.S) says the Takbir, finished. It (this information) has arrived. I don’t know what kind of appearances there are in this month, but there will be many appearances…. Ya Rabbi , may a new Islam rise in the month of Rabi’ ul Awwal. O glorious Sultan! step firmly into the stirrup of the horse. There was a mounting stone for the Sultans in Topkapi palace, that the Sultan (Hunkar) would come and mount his horse from there when going to war.They would call him like this: “O glorious Sultan , step firmly into the stirrup of the horse!” He step into it like a lion, draws his sword and says: Ya Allahu Akbar”.
The Ottomans will come, they will welcome Mahdi (A.S) and will gird him with a sword in the tomb of Sahabi Sultan Abu Ayyub Al Ansari (R.A). They will deliver the Caliphate and all the holy relics to him, Allahu Akbar.There is an astonishing power now in dunya (in this world). Since it (Safar) began It is all empty talks- they say bashar or shashar …All of them- the chaos in Egypt,all these uprisings, all of them will be cleared. The harmful ones will be finished, and who remains firm is Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamaat. May Allah make us reach those days for the Honor of His Beloved (Nabi Muhammad Swalla Allahu alaihi wa sallam) Ya Rabbi.
Let people carry flags, let them ride horses.I even want to ride a horse,but it is of no use. They made me ride a horse in Brunei- one person would hold me from this side and one person from this side, so that the horse won’t kick me off.So I rode the horse I also have a picture riding the horse.
Ya Rabbi, to the beautiful days… there is violence, it will be cleaned. May it not be left till tomorrow, Fatiha (recite Quran chapter 1 for Dua)
Accepting unbelief is also unbelief.Therefore I want the unbelievers to be finished immediately. For Al Malhama (Armageddon) which our books inform us about-the Great war, all the nations now are on the move. Syria has been a vehicle Russia is not troubled on account of Syria. No. what they want since Peter the great is to enter in the warm waters. They want to make their presence felt.There is competition between the US and the Russians over the control of the world.
“La Taqum Al Sa’at Hatta Taq’tatila Fi’atan ‘Azimatan, Takunu Baynahum Malhamatun Kubra Da’awahum Wahida.” This is Hadith. “The Judgement Day will not take place till two great powers fight and both their claims are same!”.
The world will be two sides and there will be a great battle between them.Both their claims are the same-the United States want to rule the world. Russia says: “No, I will rule”.It is two sides now.The war will take place, it is certain. Our place is safe with the permission of Allah, but I can’t stay here now. There is a move for me but I don’t know yet. Insha Allah, we may make a move because everywhere has become so astonishing.
May we reach good days. May the month Safar Al Khair pass by destroying all unbelief. May Rabi Ul Awwal be our festival.This won’t wait until the next month of Safar. That, the heaviness of Safar may be lifted off me. I pray the 2 Raka Safar prayer.
Is there a prayer for the month of Safar?
They may pray 2 Rakats upto 12 Rakats at Duha time before noon. They may pray at midnight ,may pray before midnight. may pray two thirds of the night passes.
Wa Salamun Alal Mursaleen
Walhamdulillahi Rabbil Aalameen.

armageddon 2

The Big War (Armageddon)


15/05/2013, Lefke, Cyprus.
Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.
Allahumma Swalli Ala Sayyidina Muhammadin Wa Ala Aali Muhammadin Wa Sallim
This holy month has begun. The manifestations of this holy month,have come with mightiness. Rajab is the holy month, that carries the name of Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala/Almighty Exalted) . Rabbul Izzah who is Shadidul Batsh, those nations that He was going to overwhelm in this month. He swept them away, this is the information we have.
Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.
That is why- “Fa firru ‘ila Allahi” (Quran 51:50) Oh people, run to Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala).
“Ya Man la Mar’ja min-Hu illa ilaihi” there is no where to seek refuge except Allah’s (subhana wa Ta’ala) door.Those who seek refuge in his Great Prophet (alaihiswalathu wa salam) and Ummu Han Sultan (Hala Sultan Radiyallahu Ta’ala Anha), they will be safe/ protected. If not,,there is a lot of distress. This month will become very intense. And this is a sign of the Divine Revenge. So that those who have gone astray, will be punished in this month.They won’t be left without punishment. Mankind has crossed the limits.They forgot their servant-hood, they forgot their identity.They forgot their Creator. And, that is why they have turned against each other. They are fighting one another, people are now ready for fighting. And this is a sign of big war. It is called “Armageddon” (Al Malhamathul Kubraa). Many people will die,with cursed weapons that they made themselves, mankind will almost be finished off. May Allah (Almighty Exalted) protect us. So where is Salvation?. “Fafirru ila Allahi” ‘Inni Lakum Minhu Nadhirun Mubinun” (Quran 51:50 So flee to Allah . Indeed, I am to you from Him a clear warner.), Is that right?.
Run to Allah, “Ya Man La Marja’u Min-Hu illa Ialaihi”, there is no where salvation other than turning to Allah Almighty. If not, they will be cut like wheat. So that their punishment will not be left for Aakhirah (Hereafter). They will suffer their punishment on Earth. O Scholars, O righteous ones, be aware. Teach those who do not know. Because it is not a joke during this month of Rajab. And the fire that started in Syria, will bring Armageddon. It will be the greatest human lose ever seen. We seek refuge in Allah, Fa Firru ila Allahi (Quran 51:50), Run to Allah Almighty. “Ya Man La Ma’rjau Min-Hu illa ialaihi” Allah’s Mightiness,when we say mightiness,the Divine Power that no one can stand against, that storm is coming. Run to Allah Almighty. You know the tornado, a strange tornado like that is coming most people will be taken by it and gone. “Illa mann ‘Asamahu Allah’, except those people that Allah (Almighty Exalted) is protecting, the others should fix themselves. If not, a tornado cannot lift a rock,but the breeze can lift a leaf.
That is why everyone should stay where they are. They shouldn’t go here and there. They should cancel their travels.Those away from their homelands should return. If there is some commotion (a state of confusion and civil unrest) where they live, they should stay in their houses and not to go out in the streets.There’s danger. Nowadays, all people are outside their homes. what they are doing is wrong.The whole world is out in the streets. If Divine Might, Divine Anger comes on them, not one person will be left. Let’s beware. And that is why now,without an important reason they should not go from one place to another. They should guard their house. And there is no need to come to Cyprus. And those in Cyprus should return to their homelands. People who are residents of outside of Cyprus should not come here. And those who are residents in Cyprus,without a reason should not leave Cyprus. They should guard their houses morning and evening. Those who listen can listen. Those who don’t listen, they will carry the responsibility of what will come. Ladies should not go out and adorn themselves.Young people should not wander around without anything to do.If something (calamity/disaster/distress etc) befalls on them, it is their responsibility. Men who go out after they finish their work,they should only go from Mosque to home and from home to Mosque. Those who don’t do this, there is a danger for them. “Fa Firru ila Allahi (Quran 51:50). During all these troubles,those who run to Allah will be saved. If not, no one will be saved.Such a fire is coming down. “Wa Yudhika Ba’dakum Ba’sa Ba’din” (Quran 6:65) You will fight one another. Punishment wont be sent down to you from heavens,but, you will attack one another and find your punishment like that. Don’t go out. Don’t leave your homes!.Don’t let young ones out after Sunset. Close down bad places.If not, a curse will come down on those who don’t close them down.May Allah forgive us it is a holy month, we have respect for it.If not, from heaven, revenge and grudge is waiting, it will strike one with the other. War will sweep them away. They weapons they made will bring mankind to a state of extinction.
Hafadhana Allah.Ya Rabbi (Oh My Lord) , that is why Cypriots, if there is no need, they should not leave Cyprus. And no one outside of Cyprus should come here. No Europeans or anyone else should come here. They should keep themselves in their homes and houses. From the Mosque to home, from the home to to Mosque, Fatiha (recite Quran Chapter 1). No one should Egypt come , no one from Turkey should come. Everyone should stay in their homelands. They should protect themselves. They should not be a burden to anyone. Permission has been taken away. There is no permission, they should guard their homes and houses. The time for traveling/wandering around is finished. Protect yourself.
Aman Ya Rabbi Aman Ya Rabbi
Wa salamun alal Mursaleen wal hamdu lillahi Rabbil Aalameen

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Narrated Mu'adh ibn Jabal: The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: The greatest war, the conquest of Constantinople and the coming forth of the Dajjal (Antichrist) will take place within a period of seven months.  (Sunan Abu Dawud 4282)
Narrated Mu’adh ibn Jabal: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: The greatest war, the conquest of Constantinople and the coming forth of the Dajjal (Antichrist) will take place within a period of seven months. (Sunan Abu Dawud 4282)

Banu Asfar (Russians) and Armageddon (World War III)

Discourse by Sultan of Saints Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani (Q.S) ,Lefke, Cyprus,04/10/2011
In the Name of Allah Most Merciful Most Beneficent
Peace and blessings of Allah be upon Prophet Muhammad, his holy family and companions.
Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (Q.S) was asked, how can people prepare for the difficulties of the coming days?
He said: “Neither money, nor property will save people in these days.Only good deeds,, charity ,and true belief can save them”.

It happens according to Allah’s Will. But this is the news from our Prophet (peace be upon him). He has informed us that what it meas by “Banu Asfar” is the Russians. Ibn Arabi Hazret (R.A) said: “Russia will enter Istanbul”.Our Grand Shaykh Hazret (Shaykh Abdullah Faiz Dagestani Q.S) said: “They will stay there three months”.. They will go down to the valley of Amuq (Syria), the Amuq Valley. The battle there is well-known.
It is mentioned in the Books. Therefore ,the Russians, they will come, under 80 banners. 80 Flags mean 80 divisions, meaning one million soldiers will come. Another one million will come from the other side. The big battle will take place there. The Muslim army will be in three parts. They will come from sham and meet them.It is said, a force from Sham (Syria) will come , to the Amuq valley, that they will meet the Banu Asfar (Russians) in the Amuq Valley.This is the ‘Malhamatul Kubra’,Armageddon.

‘Al Malhamathul Kubra’ (Armageddon) and the conquest of Constantinople (Istanbul) will be after six months and seventh Antichrist (Dajjal) appears’ (Hadith) This is hadith sharif. Russians will come under eighty flags. Under every flag, there are 12,000 men, It is said: Under every flag…meaning each one of them is a division. From the other side comes Muslim army, the forces from Sham. They also come under 80 flags. Mahdi (A.S)’s hand is in it but he has not appeared yet. But it is ‘Mahdi’ (A.S) who manage it with his spiritual power. And, the Muslim army becomes three parts in front of the Banu Asfar (Russians). The first party can’t stand & they run away. Another part, all are martyred. They are ‘Afdal as-Shuhada’ best martyrs. The third part are the ones that they take the revenge. Allah’s divine help reaches to them and they defeat the Russians. They drive the “Banu Asfar” (Russians) all the way to Istanbul. They don’t leave any of them alive in Istanbul. They destroy all the corrupted sects. The Muslim army enters Istanbul Again, it is the Sultan, Sultan will wait for Mahdi (A.S) to say Takbir (Glorification of Allah Almighty) and reach Istanbul, to receive from him the Holy Relics. It will be in this order(procedure). May Allah forgive us.
Those difficult, intense days will not be easy. Fatiha (recite Sura Fatiha).

Hajjah Ruqya: So Muslims, the Muslim army will be in this Battle?
It is not just the US-Russian armies, but the Muslim armies as well?.
Mawlana: The Muslim Army will come and United States will support them. American forces will join them. They will also support them. This is explained in Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Hazret’s (R.A) book in detail.
Wa min Allahu Tawfeeq ….Faatiha.
“Neither money, nor property will save people in these days.Only good deeds,, charity ,and true belief can save them”
Wa salamun alal Mursaleen
walhamdulillahi Rabbil Aalameen
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Banu Asfar (Russians) and World War 3, Islamic Eschatology
Banu Asfar (Russians) and World War 3, Islamic Eschatology

The Coming of Sahibu Zaman Imam Mahdi (alaihissalam)


Sohbet (discourse) of Sulthanul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani Al-Kibrisi An-Naqshbandi Al-Hassani Ar-Rabbani (Q.S)
5th March 2011
Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem
Allahumma Swalli Alaa Muhamamdin wa Aali Muhammad…Meded Ya Rijal Allah..
Until the appearance of Sayyidina Mahdi (A.S) ,we are keeping the people busy.After the appearance there will be a great opening. Mawlana Shaykh says that, the appearance of Mahdi (A.S) will be soon and there is only one war left. It is called ‘Al Malhamatul Kubra’, it is the big war Armageddon. It is mentioned in other Holy Books as well. It is said in the Hadith: ‘The world will not come to an end until two great powers fight together. A great war must take place between two great powers and their ideology is the same. The world is going in that direction. It is being prepared to go on that direction.Now, we are in the era of tyrants, the period of ignorance.
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) asked by the companions, “Ya Rasool Allah, There is a verse in the Quran about you, “Innaka Mayyitun wa Innahum Mayyituna” (39:30), You are going to taste death, everyone is going to taste death, it means who have souls will taste death.
The Sahaba asked: “who is going to lead the nation after you”?
“After me there will be Caliphs”(in the Book Jami Saghir) It will be in turn. After me Caliphs comes, who are Caliphs?
The four Caliphate,Sayyidina Abu Bakar, Sayyidina Omar, Sayyidina Usman Sayyidina Ali (May Allah Sanctify their Noble Souls) after Hazret Imam Hussain (R.A), it is finished.
The Sahaba (Companions) asked, if the judgement day comes after that?. He says there more, who will lead your ummah (nation), after the deputies (Caliphs) will come “Umara” (Emirs), Emiri dynasty and Abbasid dynasty. Amir Al Mu’mineen Harun Al Rashid for example.Abbasid in Baghdad,Amawi in Damascus. After that Judgement day will come?
Who is going to lead the Ummah? After the Emirs will be Kings. They are the Ottoman Sultans. They will rule the Islamic nation.
After that, who comes? After the Kings, there will be tyrants. Tyrants , they reject Islam and they reject Shari’ath!. Tyrants who opens a door to the unbelievers. It is the time of tyrants that is coming.
When Prophet Muhammad (alaihiswalathu wa salam) informed the Sahaba about what the Muslims will go through the time of tyrants to the Sahaba, they cried.
Now, the incidents in Egypt, Libya what people experienced,the tyrants, they opened the door. After Sultan Adbul Hamid, it was opened to the tyrants (1925 AD). There was two things, I don’t know if you saw it in Topkap Palace?. You see two circles when you go inside. That two circles look like the Sun.Every Sultans name is written in it. With Sultan Abdul Hamid’s name, the circle was full. From the beginning of the Ottoman Emperors up to Sultan Abdul Hamid, the first circle was filled, there was no place for Sultan Rashad. He cried and he said, put another one, they put first name Sulan Rashad in it. He was the first Sultan without the power of absolute monarchy, but it was a constitutional monarchy with limited power.
It is the tyrants and dictators time,all of them are enemies of Islam. All these tyrants will go against religion. Sahab cried when they heard this cruelty and injustice in this time. The Sahaba asked: Is the Judgement Day during this time?
The Prophet (alaihiswalathu wa salam) said: no,then will come a man from my lineage,and he is the owner of time Mahdi (A.S).
he will fill the world with justice as much as it was filled with injustice, he is going to finish off the tyrants and fill the world with justice. Now, the way belongs to him. All of these tyrants. “Wa Khaba Kullu Jabbarin ‘Anidin” (Quran 14:15). All the tyrants, every stubborn tyrant will be defeated. This is the verse in Quran. They are both tyrants and stubborn dogs. This will end,. After that, Sahibu Zaman comes and finishes them he will raise the flag of Islam from East to West. All world becomes Muslim. Now we have reached this point. He started to rip out where ever there isa tyrant. Where ever there is someone who rejects Shariath they are finished. (Means the trap of Mahdi alaihissalam is set against every tyrant, hypocrite and oppressors).
If we speak till the morning, it won’t finish.
Guest asked: Is he (Mahdi) alive?
Mawlana said: “he is alive”.He is waiting for the order,
Guest: Is he in Turkey?
Mawlana: There is no Awliyas (Devoted Saints/Friends of God) in Turkey, even in cemeteries. They are transferred to Damascus. They are transferred because of tyranny!. There are Awliyas to guard the Ummah in Turkey. There are seven Awliyas, nobody knows them. Seven Awliyas they hold it, there are people in Turkey to be guarded. Now, we hope that, there is movement, there is events taking place, but as the movement intensifies, Hz Mahdi’ (A.S)’s appearance comes closer, the whole world will be in a chaos. they call it ‘Armageddon’ (Al malhamathul Kubra), it has to happen first. And when it happens, Hazret Mahdi (A.S) says “Takbir” ,, “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Walillahil Hamd” when he says this, all of the weapons will stop, the technology that the world worship will stop. With one Takbir, it will be finished. I am waiting for that. The movement started. This movement started like socks ripping of. Like this, taking out of thread from old socks. It will be finished, there is no second chance for the tyrants. Qaddafi is struggling, Their effort is useless. When an animal’s throat is cut , it think it is alive. His (Gaddafi’s) effort is futile.
There is no conclusion,even if he shoots half the population, he is going to be shot at the end. It is finished.
Now, there are many countries as far as we know and we are informed Mahdi (A.S) must appear in Hajjul Akbar in Kaba, and this year we have Hajjul Akbar. That’s why they ask permission for Hajj, I don’t have authority to say anything, until we reach Ramadan, don’t ask me during Ramadan, they inform me, ether to go or not. They did not give me permission. If you want to go from your own. I cannot say until Ramadan, the situation of the world is not clear. When Mahdi (A.S) is seen in Arafat, he says Takbir and he finishes it. This is my hope, I have been waiting for Mahdi (A.S) since 1940.I am waiting for 71 years. It has been 71 years that we have been waiting for Mahdi (A.S).
Allah Almighty did not let my hope finish, I still have hope to reach, Insha Allah we gather under his flag. We couldn’t be servant, we only want servant hood. We don’t want to be a pasha or something. We want servant hood. I hope it. We can be saved by Prophet’s (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) intercession. There is no hope of survival for us. Aman, ya Rabb. Forgive us for your Beloved One. Send us Imam Al Mahdi (A.S)
Wa Salam Alaikum
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Selfless Servant of Allah

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim
Our Grandshaykh says we must be careful that Satan does not make our worship unacceptable. It is unacceptable when we are asking for any rewards. We must ask for our Lord’s pleasure only.

When all the ego’s desires are finished, then one is a servant of the Lord.

To look for some reward for worshipping is like idol worship, it is a secret form of polytheism. Sincerityis to ask only your Lord’s service. So many people are worshiping and then doing what their ego demands.

This means that they are servants of Allah and of Satan. It is a dangerous way. Until we become clean of bad character we can’t be free of Satan, this world, our egos, and vain desires.

Until you become fully aware for each you make with your foot, whether that step is on the right way or the wrong way, you remain in need of alignment in your heart.

You must know and be awake to where you are putting your foot. One second’s heedlessness may be cause a dangerous accident.

Therefore, we are always in need to repeat the word of Testification, to put us on the right way. Until we become free of bad character, we cannot attain to real faith; and without real faith, then there is no real life, the life that is forever. Whoever realizes real faith in this world will live on in the tomb, his body not turning to dust. That is a sign from God that he or she has reached true life.

Bi Hurmatil Habib bi siir surah al Fatiha

~Sultan Awliya Mevlana Seyh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani~ (Qaddas Allahu Sirrah ul-Aziz)

Sultan of Saints Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani (Q.S), Lefke, Cyprus
Sultan of Saints Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani (Q.S), Lefke, Cyprus

Shaykh (Spiritual Guide) and Murid (Seeker)

in the Naqshbandi Tariqah-The Way of Awliya Allah (Friends of Allah).
Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.
Allahumma Swalli Ala Sayyidina Muhammadin Wa Ala Aali Sayyidina Muhammadin Wa Sallim.
Our way is through association and goodness is in the gatherings. Grand Sheikh use to say this always, our way… He took these words from Shah Naqshband Our way is through association & goodness is in the gatherings. Our way works through association. Once you do Sohbat – you throw the seeds, for example, if you do not water them & the mercy does not rain on them, the seeds rot & disappear.
Our way, the origin of our way to move & to work is through association. Keep this always…on your mouth.

“Religion is advice” (Hadith) The Grand Sheikhs took from that ocean. Our religion is based on advice, it is an ocean. There are no limits for that ocean. Sheikh Effendi took from that ocean.
Our way is through association, it came from that ocean. Our way does not work without association. Meaning a person on his own reciting awrad, he will never reach anywhere. For training the murids & to prepare them and to present them in The Divine Presence and to dress them with their station is through Sohbat. “Religion is advice.” (Hadith) What is advice? It is to ask somebody’s goodness & benefit. Advice… All the Prophets (as) came down with an advice. All of them were advising. Those who were accepting the advice they accepted, those who did not were rolling down to hell.

What keeps religion on its feet, is advice. That is why when two believers meet, they must give an association in the period of milking two goats. Believers when they meet they must speak. Leave empty talking. You can speak something but at least within it, there must be some advice in it.

To put an advice within the words. Advice.. it gives our words some power. It gives some sweetness to our faith. It gives some power & some strength, therefore “religion is advice.” (Hadith) And our way is through association, from there Shah Naqshband took these words. Our way is the way of association; through giving talk & listening. Who knows how, speaks… And the others must listen.

To give & take. The Sheikh gives & the mureeds take. If not, if there is no Sheikh, there are no mureeds. The mureed does not know anything. The one who reaches the mureeds, is the Sheikh. How to reach them is through association. This is not through the stick. It is not by beating, by stick, but association with the guide is a thousand times more powerful than the stick. Sultan Al Awliya’ used to say like this. Sheikh Abdullah Al Daghestani, our Sheikh, our Master, and the Grand Sheikhs, he is the last link of the Golden Chain of the Naqshibandi Sufi Order. He is the seal of the chain.


Murid is to become the throne of the Prophet (s.a.w)- to become a better Servant of Allah.
Murid is to become the throne of the Prophet (s.a.w)- to become a better Servant of Allah.


Who does not get his seal can never be a Sheikh and cannot be even a mureed, and will not understand anything to speak. Becoming logs of wood. If the wood does not go through the hands of the carpenter it remains a log. The only benefit is in the fireplace. But if it goes through the hands of the carpenter then it is dressed with character. The wood first is taken from the tree & cut into timber. The timber according to the imagination & drawings of carpenter becomes various forms. They call him a carpenter. There are 2 kinds of carpenters. The first makes furniture the other one prepares timber, maybe windows & doors. That one cannot do the work of the carpenter for furniture. And the other one does not interfere in the work of the one who prepares timber.

It is like this. A person/Insan needs carving, otherwise he is like wild wood, if it sits 100 years it remains timber. But once it reaches the hands of the master carpenter that timber is transformed into many kinds of furniture. How many household furniture and even outdoors the carpenter can turn the wood into. But first it goes in the hands of the Master carpenter. Otherwise it sits 40 years as it is. Advice shapens the timber & the wood of our ego and the carpenter used to hold it & look if it is straight or not in the old times. The carpenter, then later if it is not straight he takes the file and smoothes it till it is straight and smooth. It needs a Master carpenter, the furniture.

From timber you can make so many things, and the timber comes from the trees. The trees, you can take the timber from it & that timber in the hands of the Master carpenter becomes something and gives some use to mankind at the same time; they like it & ornament it and take pride in it. And that hand craft continues & develops. He becomes a master of this handcraft…

And continues to carve & to file the mureeds & he looks. He looks like this, like that… till he is straight & soft. That is why Allah Almighty said “Fastaqim Kama Umirta” (Be straight as you are commanded, 11:112). Prophet (saws) said “Surat Hud turned me gray.” “Surat Hud turned me gray.” Why? The majesty & glory of that Holy Verse turned the blessed beard of the Prophet (saws) into grey. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! O our Lord You know best. O our Lord You know best! Two people they may sit, greet each other and give some benefit to their beings. It gives benefit to both sides, no empty talking.

No empty work & no nonsense in Islam. In Islam the Tariqa has all the control & arrangement of everything that happens between the saints, the Sheikhs, and those who are following them from among the dervishes & mureeds. To be on the way it is in the Tariqa. Otherwise they remain like wood, timber laying down. It is just timber. They are timber.

There! What can you say… “I am laying there as timber”. “You are timber!” “And the furniture that reached the Palace of the Sultan came from me!” “O no, ask the furniture in the Palace that reached the Sultan how much treatment it went through before it reached the Palace of the Sultan. Otherwise they will carry the timber on their shoulders to the Palace of the Sultan. Ask the furniture in the Palace how much treatment it went through to be trained, to be fit for the honour of being furniture for the King. Therefore mankind is continuously in need of training.

“Wa Dhakkir” (51:55) “Wa Dhakkir Fa’inna dh-Dhikra Tanfa`u l-Mu’minina”(51:55) They say sharpen, carve…remind. Every remembrance is similar to shaping, to soften & straighten the wood. “And remind for verily, the reminding profits the believers.” (51:55) “And remind for verily, the reminding profits the believers.” (51:55) Wa Min Allahi t Tawfiq, Fatiha.

We spoke about one spot only The writing that you can take from a small ink bottle is something,the writing of a bigger ink bottle is something else. And then the big barrel can write completely something else. The writing that you can take from a sea is different than the writing that you can take from an ocean. An ocean. A writing from an ocean is completely something else. O our Lord, we thank You. O our Lord thank You.


“We are on a ship and it is going to sink down, and coming from above is a hook for linking. Who is reaching there [to the link/hook] is being saved and is going up, not sinking down. Therefore, our material being one day must also sink down. Ṭūbā [good tidings / blessedness]! Never-ending good tidings are for those who are asking and reaching through that link, and that link smoothly, smoothly taking him up, leaving physical being to sink, but sending our souls up.
Give daily for your Lord a most honored servant-hood. It is not important to collect the treasures of this world, or to reach highest degrees for this life’s honor. When your ship sinks down, honor of this world will finish. It will only be written on a stone, ‘That was majestic king, a majestic queen, His Highness, His Excellence, President (so-and-so), most high pope, chief, rabbi’. Only that stone and nothing else will be with you.”
– Sultan ul Awliyah Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (Alayhi Rahma), Cyprus,Lefke.

~~~Excerpts from the discourses of Sultanul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil Al Haqqani An=Naqshbandi Al-Hassani Ar-Rabbani Q.S), Grand Shaykh of the Osmani Naqshbandi Tariqah (Tariqati-Naqshbandiyyathil Aliyya)

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Sultan of Saints Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani (Q.S)
Sultan of Saints Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani (Q.S)



Allah says in Quran: Sura Nisa (4:59): O you who have believed, obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those in authority among you. And if you disagree over anything, refer it to Allah and the Messenger, if you should believe in Allah and the Last Day. That is the best [way] and best in result.


Quran 25:43 Have you seen the one whose god is his own ego? Will you be his advocate?

Quran 45:23 Have you noted the one whose god is his ego? Consequently, God sends him astray, despite his knowledge, seals his hearing and his mind, and places a veil on his eyes. Who then can guide him, after such a decision by God? Would you not take heed?

36:21 Follow those who ask of you no fee, and who are rightly guided.


They ask of you no fee (36:21) by Allah’s Command, not by their own desires.

Yazid b. Hayyan reported, I went along with Husain b. Sabra and ‘Umar b. Muslim to Zaid b. Arqam and, as we sat by his side, Husain said to him: Zaid. you have been able to acquire a great virtue that you saw Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) listened to his talk, fought by his side in (different) battles,offered prayer behind me. Zaid, you have in fact earned a great virtue. Zaid, narrate to us what you heard from Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him). He said: I have grown old and have almost spent my age and I have forgotten some of the things which I remembered in connection with Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him), so accept whatever I narrate to you, and which I do not narrate do not compel me to do that. He then said: One day Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) stood up to deliver sermon at a watering place known as Khumm situated between Mecca and Medina. He praised Allah, extolled Him and delivered the sermon and. exhorted (us) and said: Now to our purpose. O people, I am a human being. I am about to receive a messenger (the angel of death) from my Lord and I, in response to Allah’s call, (would bid good-bye to you), but I am leaving among you two weighty things: the one being the Book of Allah in which there is right guidance and light, so hold fast to the Book of Allah and adhere to it. He exhorted (us) (to hold fast) to the Book of Allah and then said: The second are the members of my household I remind you (ofyour duties) to the members of my family. He (Husain) said to Zaid: Who are the members of his household? aren’t his wives the members of his family? Thereupon he said: His wives are the members ofhis family (but here) the members of his family are those for whom acceptance of Zakat is forbidden. And he said: Who are they? Thereupon he said: ‘Ali and the offspring of ‘Ali, ‘Aqil and the offspring of ‘Aqil and the offspring of Ja’far and the offspring of ‘Abbas. Husain said: These are those for whom the acceptance ofZakat is forbidden. Zaid said: Yes.  (Sahih Muslim,Book 031, Hadith 5920)

Hadith jami at-Tirmidi ,Darussalam Publications (Salafi publications)
Hadith Number 3788: The Messenger of Allah (alaihiswalathu wa salam) said: “Indeed, I am leaving among you, that which if you hold fast to them, you shall not be misguided after me, one of them is greater than the other:The Book of Allah is a rope extended from the sky to the earth, and my family -the people of my house-and they shall not split until they meet me at Hawd, so look at how you deal with them after me” (Sahih)

And anyone authorized by them:

On the authority of Tameem ibn Aus ad-Daree (ra): The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “The deen (religion) is naseehah (advice, sincerity).” We said, “To whom?” He (ﷺ) said, “To Allah, His Book, His Messenger, and to the leaders of the Muslims and their common folk.” [Sahih Muslim/40 Hadith Imam Nawawi]

Wa salamun alal Mursaleen walhamdulillahi Rabbil Aalameen

Osmani Nqshbandi Tariqah
Osmani Nqshbandi Tariqah


Strive to Become a Best Servant of Allah-Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani


Be the Best Servant You Can Be – to Allah Almighty !!

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim,
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,
la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…
By the name of Allah Almighty, most Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent.

Glory be to Allah, Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah- (the) real Sultanate (is) for Allah only and He is Sultan, everything belongs to Him… Everything is from His creation, He (is) creating (everything), bringing (it) from unknown worlds and sending (it) to other unknown worlds and (these) worlds also belong to Him.

An appearance on (a) mirror, or better than (a) mirror we may say (about the) screen of a TV. You may look and see on the screen of a TV (things) from East to West, from North to South, so many countries, oceans, mountains, jungles, animals, and unknown areas, different colours of people and everyone (is) just appearing in his private or special looking. You can’t find a person to be similar to a second one. (For) everyone (Allah Almighty) is using two eyes, one nose, one mouth, two ears, one head, one face. And (through) these elements (that He is) using-eyes, nose, mouth and ears- (the faces of people are coming to be) in countless appearances. How many people (there are): their nose is going to be different, their eyes may be different, their ears may be different, their mouth may be different; and then (you are) looking (and seeing that it is) going to be (a) different face, Allahu akbar!

Do you think a painter, an artist that (is) painting, (he) may be able to paint more than we can say 7o (different) faces? 7o different faces do you think he may paint? It is difficult. Perhaps seven faces he may paint, then he is going to wonder for the eighth face or wondering how he may do another painting for ten (different faces) or more. (It is) so difficult! That is the meaning that man’s capacity, ability is going to be nothing, but Allah Almighty’s Power (is) bringing millions and billions (of) people not to be similar. Each one (is) in another shape, form or design. He is ‘Musawwir’, that means, Designer. He is Designer and endless, countless designs He may do, Allahu akbar!

The Power of Allah Almighty and His Ability or Capacity (is) to do everything. He is not in need to think for designing, no. You must think and then you may draw, you may make a design. But He Almighty Allah is doing everything by His Order. What is His Order, to say: “Be!” When He is ordering for being something and saying: “Be”, that must appear. If He is saying: “Don’t be”, then everything is going to disappear. And He is Designer with His unlimited Power.

He is designing daily (the) lives of people. How many billions of people living on earth now, on world, worldwide continents, worldwide oceans and countless creatures on it, and the design of this world today is not similar or same that was yesterday. No, that design (is) just finished, coming today another design. (And) designs with countless activities, actings, works, appearances, today (are) never going to be similar to yesterdays design, no. Today’s works (are) just 1oo % different; (there is) no way to keep something from yesterday as it is today, no, (it) just passed away, and tomorrow (is also) coming another appearance of creation or designing on earth that is not going to be same as todays, no, everything is changing. And you are looking in TV so many things passing, going, passing, going – coming and going.

I was looking TV first time coming to Cyprus. First time people were looking that big box and appearing (in it) so many things, (and) one peasant was getting up and going (to the) back(side of the TV) and looking (if) anyone (is) behind it…”Where is this that person? Not inside!” “Inside.” “But I am not seeing.” I am saying: “That is closed”… People were thinking that someone is inside. Now everyone (is) knowing that (that) screen is bring so many countless appearances and when you are closing that one, making (it) off, nothing is coming in appearance.

And, Subhanallah- Allah Almighty (is) giving an authority to man to use one power – electricity. If this is not running in it, nothing is going to appear. And we also have much more perfection. This TV is (a) man made instrument; we are making it. Allah Almighty is giving a power to man for using, some authority from this nature (and) that is electricity. The life of 21st century’s technology (is) on this power, electricity, that no one (is) knowing what it is. If (there is) running something from one (side to the other and) what is running, they are not knowing. If they are saying this beyond moving, not moving must be taken away? This (which is) never ending running, (this) something in it, that is (a) secret power that Allah Almighty just granted man to use for his benefit. But Shaitan (is) making man not to use (it) for their benefit but to use (it) to harm someones, other ones. Whole technology is only used for Shaitanic purposes. Everywhere technology (is) asking much more power from electricity to destroy and to kill and to do to harm people, because Shaitan (is) teaching them: “You must harm people. Don’t give your benefit to people, but as much as possible harm people!”

That is (the) shaitanic way and Allah Almighty is saying: “ O My servants! Try to give as much as possible your best (and) do your best for everything!” That is heavenly teaching, but Shaitan is saying: “No, try to make everything for harming people, to destroy everything on earth, not to give peace to people. Make them to be in fear!” That is shaitanic and whole religions are coming to make people to be good servants to Allah and good ones to each other. That is (the) summary of heavenly messages that the Lord of Heavens is saying: “Oh My servants- that I am accepting your servanthood in My divinely Presence- try to be excellent servants for Me!” How? What do you think?

If a person is just employed for (the service of) a Sultan or a King – do you think that that person is not trying to do his best for the Sultan? Or (that) he is never taking any care? (No, but) he is trying to make (the) Sultan or King to be much more pleased with him. That is (what) our mentality (is) saying- (so) what about for Allah? For to be the servant of (a) King, an obedient servant of (a) King, those people are asking to continue to do their best for their King or Sultan, to make him pleased with them. I never heard (that) a person (is) doing against this (and) to do his worst, because when he is making his worst, he is going to be kicked out. That is not (what) our mentality or our mind (is) saying (to) us: Be (the) worst one for His service. Never saying! But our mentality is saying: Try to be much more obedient and trustworthy in his royal presence.

What about for Allah that He created you? Why you are not taking care for His servanthood? You think that 21st century people are obedient servants for their Lord or (they are) thinking on it? Never, you can’t find (anyone); only a handful people to be on that way and others (are) saying: “I don’t care. I don’t care for service for divinely service.” “What is your care?” “I am taking care for my teacher who is giving to me PhD, doctor Shaitan.” Shaitan (is) becoming doctor now, PhD. (In the) 21st century Sadanas (is) becoming Doctor. PhD, Masterhood (he is) giving now. Who is following him, (he is) giving to them that diploma, honour, (the) honour to be his best employees, to be (his) best servants. But (really they are) not servants, they are (his) slaves! Slavery is something, and servanthood is something else. Servanthood is giving honour to (a) person, slavery (is) taking honour from people. And Shaitan just made (the) whole nation (of Muhammad sws) through the 21st century to be his slaves and (there is) slavery everywhere; what Shaitan is saying they are following. They are never taking any respect for their Creator, the Lord of Heavens.

What do you think, what is going to be (the future) for these people? And we are speaking on an important point: that from (the) beginning of prophecy Prophets’ teaching is only on two pillars: One (is that they are) calling people to try to be best servants for their Lord, and (the) second (is that they are calling people) to be good ones to each other and to give their best to everyone. As much as possible you must give your best to every creature, even you must not harm anything. We are looking an ant – if you are asking to kill it, it is running away, fearing to be killed. Without harming you are running to kill (it)? And He created that one and it has a private position through creation. Nothing is created for nothing, everything (is) created for something, for some purposes. You can’t say: “Why this is created?” No. You don’t know, but the Creator is knowing and therefore He is creating that.

People (are) on (the) wrong way, they are following shaitanic teachings that (are) saying: “As much as possible harm people, give trouble to them, be trouble makers”, because (the) first troublemaker who was (it)? (The) first troublemaker was Shaitan, Sadanas. When Allah Almighty was ordering: “Bow to Adam” he was saying: “No”, making trouble, making trouble through whole angels. Angels were ashaming (for) what he did in (the) divinely Presence, saying “no”. And (the) first troublemaker Shaitan and every kind of troublemakers are Shaitans, Sadanas. That is shaitanic teaching that is bringing the whole world now on the edge of Hell.

O people! You have been ordered to be from mankind! Keep you honour and your honour is to be best servants in divinely Presence and when you are going to be best servants for the Lord of Heavens (it is) coming on you blessings and (these) blessings (are) giving life to this earth and everything on it. But if you are not giving your servanthood to your Lord, cursing (is) coming and cursing (is) giving harm to everything on earth. May Allah forgive us!

Once S.Musa was passing through a village and (he was) entering and finding a spring running, so cold and sweet water. Just he drank and (he was) making ablution and he was so keen to be there, happy and passing through. Everything (was) green, areas, meadows, people’s faces (were) shining, their animals, cattle so happy, so healthy and so clean weather breathing, Everything (was) okay, he was so happy. He passed.

After a while he was thinking to come and to see once again that village and he came and (he was) looking: “Where is that village? I am coming (to) a wrong place? What happened? But I know that I (was) coming through that same way, (and there is) no any other village in that area. But what happened? (the) spring (is) no more running, (there is) no more water, no more people in it and (all the) trees (are) just dried and everything (is) in ruins! And he was saying: “O my Lord, what happened? You know what happened to such a people here, where they went (and) how their village was destroyed?” And Allah Almighty was answering: “O Musa, it is the same village. But once (there) was coming a person who was never taking any care for My obedience and servanthood. He came and he was drinking from this water and he was entering passing through and my divinely Anger was on him. My divinely Anger and Cursing was coming on that person and (on the) people who were welcoming such a person (and) I was making to dry that spring and to be everything dry. I was taking My blessings for them and cursing was coming on them. This is the same village that you have been here before.”

(And) now- what you are saying? Everyone (is) never taking any care for their Lord’s obedience. Everyone is running away, everyone is thinking only for their Dunya, this life, nothing else. They are never taking care for their Lord’s obedience, they (are) never taking care to be a good servant of Allah Almighty and therefore cursing (is) coming on them. Every time you are looking this TV (you see) explosion, explosion, explosion…people dying, earthquakes, floods, storms and fires and also countless illnesses coming on people, one (is) finishing (and) another one (is) coming, one (is) finishing, (and) another unknown cursing (is) coming on them.

Therefore the way of mankind to be saved from heavenly cursing and to reach heavenly blessings is that they must say: “Our way now is (the) wrong way. We must change this wrong way to right way” or all of them are going to finish. And now just began a cleaning. (It) just began and everyone who is not taking care for their souls to be clean, they should be taken away. Not only (a few): “Ohhh, ten people died, fifteen people died, hundred people died…” – leave that! Even “millions” (are) never going (to be) a real account of people (that are going to) die when (the heavenly) cursing (is) coming now!

I am running to Allah, to His shelter to be sheltered, because billions of people are going to die now. Billions, not millions! From 6 one (is) remaining and 5 (are) going to be taken away. He knows! He knows who is harming people, who is harmful for people and (He is) taking them away. Good ones (are) remaining, bad ones (are) going away…

May Allah forgive us and give us a good understanding for heavenly Messages! It is written also in the Old Testament, (in the) New Testament, in (the) Psalms and finally in the last Message from Heavens, the holy Quran. (They are) saying (the) same point to people: to be good servants, not to be Shaitan’s followers. May Allah forgive us to be in safety!

For the honour of the most honoured one in the divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws,


~Sultan ul-Awliya, Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani An-Naksibendi (QS) /