Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem,

“Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.” (Qur’an 13:28)

Download to recite Daily Zikr(Awrad) PDF in the Osmani Naqshbandi Haqqani Rabbani Way, Kerala,India. The Zikr is for the practice of the Seekers (murid), who has taken Baya (Oath of Allegiance) to follow the Osmani Naqshbandi Haqqani Sufi Way.  It is the Islamic Manner (Adab) to receive Zikr from the Shaykh and practice it regularly.

PDF: naksibendi-awrad-converted

Naksibendi Awrad


Sunan Ibn Majah Vol 5 Darussalam Publications)
It was narrated from Abu Darda that the Prophet (alaihiswalathu wa salam) said: “Shall I not tell you of the best of your deeds, the most pleasing to your Sovereign (Allah Malik), those that raise you most in status, and that are better than giving gold and silver,or meeting your enemy (in battle) and you strike their necks and they strike your necks?”. They said: “What is that, O Messenger of Allah? He said: “Remembering Allah (Dhikr) Hasan,Hadith Number 3790

It was narrated that Abu Hurairah and Abu Sa’eed both bore witness that the Prophet (alaihiswalathu wa salam) said: “No people sit in a gathering remembering Allah,. But the angles surround them, mercy covers them, tranquility descends upon them and Allah remembers them before those who are with Him” Sahih , Hadith Number 3791

It was narrated from Abu Hurairah (R.A) that the Prophet (alaihiswalathu wa salam) said: “Allah says: ‘I am with My Slave when he remembers Me, and his lips move saying My Name” (Sahih, Hadith Number 3792)

Zikr for those who have less knowledge in Shari’ah:

It was narrated from Abdullah bin Busr(R.A) that a Bedouin said to the Messenger of Allah (salla allahu alaihi wa sallam):
“The Laws of Islam are burdensome for me. Tell me of something that I will be able to adhere to. He said: ‘Always keep your tongue moist with the remembrance of Allah, the Mighty and Sublime” (Hassan, Hadith Number 3793)

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