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Our War is against our ego-Sohbet Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al Kibrisi (Q.S)

BismillahirRahmanirRahimsahibul saif

Our duty, is not even to go to a war. We are not going to any war. Don’t think that you are going to war. No. Our duty is to declare war to ourselves and to try to save as much people from the wrong directions that they are going to. Everyone is going into a quicksand, we must try to move them out. Much as we can. That time you will feel happy. You will feel comfortable.Everywhere you walk, you are with your Lord. Whatever they say to you, if it is wrong, you don’t hear. You only hear the good things. You only say good things to people, you don’t say bad things to people.

Don’t make no mistake saying: they are Christians or Jews or something else and we are Muslims and we are better than them. No. We don’t know how we are going to come out from this life. Biggest worrying, yes you must worry, we must worry: Is to think how we are going to give the last breath. Are we going to die as a believer or as an unbeliever? You don’t know that. That is hidden. That is hidden to us. So the people that you may look down now, they may go out from this world clean. We don’t know. Maybe they come to Islam tomorrow and they will be perfectly okay. As for us, whatever we do now, if we do good deeds, we receive blessings from it. If we do bad deeds, we are going to receive punishment for it. But if a person is doing such a wrong thing right now and he is not a Muslim, soon as he gives Shahadat, he’s going to be the most clean one. All sins and all wrong things that he did up till now, it’s going to be forgiven. So he’s going to be cleaner than you and I. That is Islam.

Sheykh Effendi calls out to one brother, “ ‘X’, come and sit in front of me. Give me your hand. Now say, ‘Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu. Salallahu Ta’ala Alayhi ve ala Alihi ve Sahbihi ve Sallim.” ‘X’ repeated after Sheykh Effendi, ‘Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu. Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu.’

Salallahu Ta’ala Alayhi ve ala Alihi ve Sahbihi ve Sallim. Allahu, Allahu, Allahu Haqq. Allahu, Allahu, Allahu Haqq. Allahu, Allahu, Allahu Haqq. Al-Fatiha. Congratulations to you. Now, what I have just said, this man is more cleaner than everyone of us here now. All sins, according to what Holy Prophet (asws) is saying to us, according to what Holy Quran is saying: anyone who is giving Shahadat, anything that they did before their lives, everything is forgiven, they are pure like they’ve been born from their mother. They are pure. Now pray for us (Sheykh says to brother ‘X’ who has just taken the Shahdat). Tonight, pray for us, because you are pure, you are more purer than us. Welcome to you.

– SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz


What is the Naqshbandi Way


The Naqshbandi Way. What is the Naqshbandi Way?

Sohbet Tariqatuna Jayru wa fil Yami’at. Our Way, what is our Way? A path going from dunya to Ahirat. There are air routes, sea lanes there, no roads. If you want to get from one point to another point, you need roads. You need roads, you need air routes, the shipping lanes need.

If Want to get from here to Paradise, you need roads. And the roads are the Tariqa. Shari’a are the words of the Prophet (asws). Tariqat is the lifestyle of the Prophet (asws). No you can not learn Tariqat and  Shari’at because Allah-swt-Shari’a has given to each individual.

There are different Shari’at for each individual. What is your Shari’at? Who are you learning it? How do you know your Shari’at? Shari’a law means Allah on you. Where to begin, where to end. Where are the limits of your Shari’a, where the law is? The Shari’a that applies to you does not apply to Maulana Sheykh. The Shari’a same applies to Sheykh does not apply to the murids. The Shari’a applied to the Prophet does not apply to you or me. It is completely different.

So, how are you learning? Where did you learn?

People say, ‘I’m taking the Book’. Everyone talks today. All take ayats of Qur’ani Kerim, saying: ‘Allah says this.’ Not your place to say what Allah says. The first thing for you is, ‘Allah’. That’s what you say first. First you have to learn how to say ‘Allah’.

Remembering Allah, when you are remembering Allah by tongue (pronouncing the word) and your body is busy, many times with other things. So many times, people today have tasbih in his hands, say ‘Allah’, but their hearts are fully elsewhere. And after a while, they stop doing zikr.

That’s not the zikr we’re talking about, continuous zikr you have to take your heart. Continuous Zikr occupying your heart means that you are saying ‘Allah’, is with Allah.

That is why Allah-swt-says: “When you are confused, ask the question and learn “Ahl Zikr”. People of Zikr. Not the people who are doing tasbih, tasbih happening while their hearts are elsewhere.

So the bottom line is that the man has to learn how to say ‘Allah’. Not say what Allah has said. The Sahabi-e Kiram walked not saying: ‘The Qur’ani Kerim says this.’ Right? The Prophet said. He sat there and reached the ayats. So many times the Sahaba were there. Each Sahabi is not on the same level. Abu Bakr Siddiq was in a different season. Ali (ra) was in a different season. Umar and Uthman were in different seasons. The Companions others were in different seasons.

There were times when the blessed Prophet (asws) he received the revelation that came from Jibreel (as), who is also the vision to Abu Bakr Siddiq opened. He listened and watched. Abu Bakr Siddiq (ra) knows best the Prophet, because his friend was even before the prophecy.

Abu Bakr Siddiq (ra) reported only 33 Hadith e-Sheriff of the blessed Prophet (asws). Abu Bakr Siddiq was a witness when the ayats descended, while Umar, Uthman and Ali, and many Companions of high level, if not seen, heard something. If not heard the voice, heard a sound.

The lowest ranking Companions said: ‘We know when Jibreel reaches the Prophet (asws), because the Prophet stops talking, closes his eyes and there like bees sound right in front of him. We hear the sound of bees arrive ‘. So, that was the ayats given to the Prophet (asws) through Jibril (as).

No Sahabi said: ‘The Qur’ani Kerim says this.’

Instead they said: ‘The Prophet said this. We heard the Prophet (asws). We witnessed. We were there. The Prophet said this ayat. And I heard the Prophet (asws) ‘.

Some Companions did not understand when the blessed Prophet (asws) said the ayat, then the blessed Prophet opened to them the meaning of the ayat through its hadith sharif.

These are the Companions who connected themselves to be subjected themselves to the Prophet (asws). They submitted their lives, their wealth, their health, their children. Everything.

It is through language (ie). They did proving it. We proved it to us. Members of his family were so wealthy. They left members of their families. They were tortured. They did not give the blessed Prophet (asws). They left the luxurious lifestyle. They went to the Prophet (asws) and lived a lifestyle very simple. So many times, at night, they had nothing to eat. But submission to the Prophet (asws) was one hundred percent. There was no doubt. Until all reached certain seasons and beyond that, there was no doubt.

As Abu Bakr Siddiq (ra). When Abu Jahil came saying, ‘Ya Abu Bakr, you’re a very smart man. We know you’re smart. All this time you’ve been following Muhammad. And now we’ll give you some news, a message that your friend has lost his mind. ‘

He said: ‘What is that?’

Abu Jahil said: ‘He says he was Mi’raj. He says he was lifted from the floor and went to Heaven and returned. ”

Abu Bakr said What?

He asked: ‘Are the words are said the Prophet? Have you been heard pronouncing with his tongue? ‘

They said yes.

‘I do not need him to tell me. I accept that. He did not have to tell me who ascended and returned. You are giving me the message that the Prophet said. So I accept it. ‘

What made Abu Bakr be this way? Many submission in every way.
Say, do you have the same submission to your Shaykh? Eh … your Sheykh praises you. If the day turns and yells, see what happens.

Same here. What will be left? Scales Only a little.

So that is not submission. Right. When there is a submission like that, then, anyway, will not receive too. So the first Tariqat teaches you to learn how to submit to yourself. Submit to yourself to order your Sheykh.

Submit to yourself to order your Sheykh it is to submit yourself to the order of the Prophet (asws). Yourself submit to the order of the Prophet (asws) it is to submit yourself to the order of Allah swt. Because that’s what he says. In the ayat, he says: “Obey Allah”.

If we are obeying Allah, and learn how to obey Allah, because Allah says, continuing: “Obey your Prophet.”

If I obey Allah directly, while I will also obey the Prophet. The Wahhabis should give an explanation of this ayat. If I’m obeying Allah and say that I too am obeying the Prophet, then there’s also shirk. If I get to Allah, and I am listening to someone other than Allah, (as deviant Wahhabi understanding) will shirk there. However, Allah says: “Obey Allah, obey your Prophet and obey your leaders rightly guided.” Sâlihîn. The virtuous.

Stay with them. He says in another ayat. Stay with sâlihîn. Stay with virtuous people. He does not say to you, ‘Be one of them.’ There is a difference. He says: “Stay with them.”

Why do you have to be with them? Just sit and eat and joke?

Sit, listen, learn, understand, submit to yourself. Being with them. Learn from them. Allah is your master. Sit and watch what they do. Being with them, that’s what they did the Sahaba e-Kiram. They were with the Prophet (asws).

What did they do? They were the worst in the preceding time they reached the Prophet. So many of them. They were at the time Jahiliyya. They killed their own children. They worshiped idols. They did many bad things.

They began to be with the Prophet, meaning, sitting with the Prophet, observing what the Prophet did, learning from the Prophet. Simple things, they sat in front of him saying, ‘The Prophet did so, we should do likewise.’ Who is the master of the Prophet? Allah-swt.

This is what happened. So the man sits. Why do you feel? You have to learn manners from him. You have to apply in your own life what you learn from it.

~Hz Sheykh Abdul Kerim el kibrisi(qs), Khalifah of Hz Mawlana Sheykh Nazim Adil Al Haqqani Ar Rabbani


Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani (Q.S) and Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi (Q.S)
Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani (Q.S) and Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi (Q.S)

Only Mahdi and Messiah can bring Peace to the World


Today because of the Ahir of Ahir Zaman, the Awliya (Saint of Allah) are pulling themselves away from public areas. They are hiding themselves. Even if they come out together, they cannot make the whole desert to become green. They can only make small areas of waters and rivers around them green but not the whole desert. For the whole desert to become green we need rain coming down from Paradise. And for this world to become correct again, for all the seven billion, close to seven billion people to turn themselves back to the right road again, you need someone who is coming with the Heavenly power, Heavenly justice, Heavenly rules and Heavenly laws. Those ones are Isa alayhi salam and Mehdi alayhi salam.

No one can bring any other peace to this world except those. So many millions and billions are going to become disobedient to them too. But those ones are not coming asking people for votes. Don’t forget. They are not coming to ask votes from us. They are coming to set rules and laws to us saying, “This is what your Lord wants. Turn this way.” Their swords are very sharp. It’s cutting from both sides.

Those ones who are coming from Heavenly stations are coming to set the rules and laws back to this world. They are not coming with any new laws and rules. They are coming to bring back the traditions and the Sunnats of the prophets and Holy Prophet (asws). To bring things back alive for people to follow and find the right way. Otherwise, there is no right way. Maybe according to individuals, but not according to the Heavenly stations.

Right and wrong is according to the books that Allah has sent down to us, not according to our own understanding. You go to a Buddhist and ask, “What is right for you?” He will say, “Buddha.” You go to a Christian to ask, “What is right for you?” They will say, “Jesus.” You ask, “Who is that one?” He is whatever the church teaches them. Some churches teach the Trinity and some churches teach that he is only a prophet. Whatever they learn.

Hah!… the rules and the laws have been set fourteen hundred years ago. Mehdi (as) and Isa (as) are ready to come down to set everything back to its place again. They are not bringing any laws. They are not bringing new laws. They are not Prophets. Isa (as) is not coming back as a prophet. It is finished. Prophethood is closed. The Seal of the Prophet Muhammad (asws) sealed it and he closed it. Isa (as) is coming to set the rules and the laws of Muhammad (asws) to live according to that. Mehdi (as) is coming to bring everybody together and prepare them for Isa (as). If anyone, any other systems or any other groups are saying otherwise, we are saying here that it’s wrong. That day is coming when you are going to see that it’s wrong. Right is always only one, not two. The right way is coming all the way from the Prophet’s (saw) teachings until today.

– SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz

Saint of Allah Hazret Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi (Q.S)
Saint of Allah Hazret Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi (Q.S)

Islam is for Mercy to the Whole World


People today they claim that they are making Jihad. They are going and they are taking Muslims, then they are cutting their necks off and they’re saying “We’re doing this for Allah, Jihad.” You’re killing a Muslim man? And Allah is saying to you in the Book, “If you kill one Muslim without a reason, it is as if you killed all the Muslims in the Divine Presence.” Allahu Akbar! But when it comes to them they are the best Muslims too. And they come out these days and they justify that by saying, “This is what Prophet (saw) ordered.” They’re using the ayats that were revealed when Holy Prophet (saw) took the prisoners of war. And the Prophet(alayhi salatu wa salam) was hesitating to kill the prisoners of war. He asked Abu Bakr (ra) and Abu Bakr says, “Ya Rasulullah,it’s better not to kill them.” It’s better just to sell them back because the nation of Islam now needs money and we take money for them. So when he asks Umar, Umar says, “Ya Rasulullah, cut them.”

And the Prophet (saw), that is a Prophet, and the Prophet (saw) is not wanting too, because the Holy Prophet is what? He is the Prophet of Mercy. He is not a prophet of punishment. So now an ayat came saying, “You came to a wrong judgment about that matter”,saying to Holy Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam). But it says, because Allah knows your intention, there will be safety. As you like. And Holy Prophet (saw) turns around and says, “If the punishment was coming then everyone will be finished except Umar.” But Allah is giving the decision to the Prophet (saw) saying, “As you like.” Because that is the Prophet of Mercy, and that’s what fits there too. He’s not a prophet of punishment.

Now they’re using that ayat and saying, “We can kill them.” But first of all these people, they are not your prisoners of war. First thing, those people that are there are either to make work to earn money for their families or they are there to build your nation. Someway somehow. You don’t like it, but the nation is finished. The country is finished. Everything failed and those technicians, those people, they went there to build your nation. Millions of people they are supporting those. Saying,”They are right.” According to what? Now they’re using the ayats too. That’s their understanding. But Prophet (saw) saying again to us, “In Ahir Zaman, everyone of you are going to use the ayats according to your own understanding. That time prepare yourselves for the Fire.” That means he’s not giving us permission to take the ayat and to start making judgment or fatwa or to give commentary to the ayats. You don’t have authority.

-Sahibul Saif Sheykh Abdul Kerim Effendi Hz.

Saint of Allah Hazret Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al-KIbrisi (Q.S)
Saint of Allah Hazret Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al-KIbrisi (Q.S)

Generous Man Leave This World With Faith


Waliyullahi Hz Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi (Q.S)
Waliyullahi Hz Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi (Q.S)

One day, sheytan came to Isa (a.s) and he asked him, ‘who do you hate and who do you love amongst the children of Adam?’

Sheytan answered, ‘ I hate those who have no faith, but they are generous.’

Isa (a.s) said, ‘they have no faith and yet you hate them?’

Sheytan said, ‘Yes. And I love those who have faith but they are stingy.’

Isa (a.s) asked, ‘Why is that?’

Sheytan said, ‘the stingy person, I’m going to pull him. He cannot escape from my hand. I’m waiting and guarding. Before Azrail comes, I will pull him and I will take the faith away. But the generous one, Allah is watching that one and He opens and creates reasons for that one to have faith and to go out from this world with a faith.’

The generous people Allah loves, all Prophets love and all Awliya love. Generosity makes man not to go out from this world without faith. Some way somehow it’s going to reach to man. Allah swt is favoring that one because he’s generous.

And generosity, even if he’s an unbeliever, it’s going to reach to them, some help is going to reach to them to say the Shahadat in the last minute and go out from this world. Impossible for him to go out from this world without faith.

If you are a stingy one, you may pray a lot, you may do so many worshipping, but there’s a big danger waiting for you. You may go out from this world without faith if you are a stingy person. It’s because you are being stingy in the Mulk of Allah swt which is not yours. Allah doesn’t like that. He doesn’t want that from His servants.

The stingy ones, even if they do something, because of their stinginess, even though they did it but their heart is hurting, even if they did something great, instead of getting lots of reward they may get a lot of punishment for it.

– SahibulSaif Sheykh AbdulKerim Effendi Hz

Strive to become better one

ismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim

So people in today’s world has become very cruel to each other and we should turn around. Because if there are cruelty around us then we cannot find peace in our own selves. We have to find that peace. If we cannot find that peace in our own selves then we cannot understand where we came from and where we are going to go. This is the game Shaytan is playing on us making us nervous all the time fighting and arguing always. This way we will continuously be busy with the wrong things and we would not have the time to think to become better individuals.

Leave everybody. You have to become a better individual first to yourself. You have to have a clear mind and you have to have peace in your heart. This is not something they sell in McDonalds, Burger King, Macy’s or here and there. You cannot buy it but you have to have it. It has to be found. Otherwise, this world becomes hell. We have already turned this world into hell because we do not know what is going to happen five minutes later, in the streets of New York City also.

We must make intention to become better humans, first to understand our own selves and to understand our Lord. When we understand that then we will understand what is the reason of our creation. We have not been created to eat like animals, to sleep, to have sex and to have children and to multiply.

That is not the only reason. That is one part of our lives. But it is not the only reason of our creation. The One that has created us has the right to question us one day. You have the right to question your own children. The boss has the right to question his workers. The President has the right to question his deputies, the police has the right to question you in the streets if he sees something wrong. So Allah has the right to question us, and when He does what are we going to say?

How did we live? Did we try to make any effort to become better ones?

-Shaykh Syed Abdul Kerim Effendi “Sahibul Saif”1273794_539308682806963_581954138_o

Divine Message of the Sufi


Waliyullahi Sahibu Saif Hazret Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi (Q.S)
Waliyullahi Sahibu Saif Hazret Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi (Q.S)

“Divine Message of the Sufi”

Islam is two principles, sitting on two principles, one is to learn how to worship your Lord. Second, learn to help and to reach his creations. If the person does these two things, then he will reach to the highest stations. Without separating, saying “this is Jew, this is Christian, this is black, this is white, this is green, this is yellow.” In originally, we are all created from the same thing, we have the same material, same creation material.

So Allah saying to us in the Holy Quran, “we have separate you in different nations, in different tribes, to go find one and each other, to learn from each other, to exchange, to learn, to improve yourself, to become better ones. To become better ones to the Divine service.”

In reality, we are all for Divine service. We are not for our own service, our own ego’s service, but for the greater service. We have to be in His service, when we are in His service, that time, we will be able to look at His creatures, saying “this is His creature, my duty is to serve that creature. If I’m serving my Lord, my duty is to serve that creature.”

So this is the name, the faith I believe every one of us here we are sharing. I don’t think anyone here finding the separation here. Our duty is to love each other as a man, and to respect each other, respect each other’s rights. And learn how to know, how to communicate, how to love each other.

When we learn how to love each other, then we will be able to reach to our Creator. One of the Hadith, the relating Hadith meaning the words of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, Alayhi salam wa tu Salaam saying to us, “ The one who doesn’t says la ilaha illallah, Meaning la ilaha illallah, there is no God but only one who created all. Because the people they have invented Gods to themselves. They built idols and they did so many things. They started worship to those things, and they said, ‘this is our God.’”

So the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWS is saying, “la ilaha illallah, there is no Gods man can created, but illallah, that One who have created everyone.” Anyone who says these words and they believe, they are entering into paradise. That means that one has a faith.

He says, “but if you don’t love each other, if you don’t learn how to love each other, even if you are saying that word, you are not really reaching to the main roots of the faith .”

~Sahibul Saif Sheykh Abdul Kerim Effendi~

Islamic Morals and Manners Give you Success in the Tarikat

Saint of Islam Hazret Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al–Kibrisi (Q.S) Wali of Allah


To be a murid, you need to have Adab, you need to have manners. Everything starts opening to a man who has manners. The more opens to him the more obedient he becomes to his Sheykh then. He can see the Paradises, he can enter and come back, but he will never leave his Sheykh then because what he is looking for is not even in Paradise. It is in his Sheykh’s hand and nobody else carries that.

Today Sufism, tariqat becomes people’s running to have some entertainment. Some are running to have some comfort. Some are already fed up with the outside world and they are getting old. They are tired of sitting home and so they are running to tariqat. This is the mentality of today’s tariqat. But did tariqats change and did Sheykhs lose that power?

No. They still have it. They are circling around this world and they are checking people. You may be sitting next to him for twenty years and you may get nothing. He is circling in the world, he is looking and he says, “This one has good behavior.” He gives it to that one and walks away. He never finishes. The more he gives the more comes. But can you give diamond to the hand of an ignorant person? Can you take a diamond and throw it in front of a pig? What is he going to do with it?

So first you have to know what the treasure is. You have to know what you are looking for. And to get that you have to know what you have to sacrifice. You have to sacrifice something. Everyone has to sacrifice something. If you are not sacrificing it means that you are not really ready and prepared to get what is there. You just want it for your own ego.

So yes, in tariqat sometimes Sheykhs show the people the most luxurious life and sometimes they show them the worst lifestyle that people are going through. You have to go through it to understand. You may be with the Sheykh one week and you will be living like a king and the next week you will be living like a beggar in the street. Sheykh
has the right to tell you, “Let’s go, we are going outside now to start begging from people.”

Huh, what will you do then? If you have no submission, what are you going to do? You are going to say, “He is a thief. Is he trying to teach me how to steal or to ask from people?”

So submission comes with everything you have. You no longer have your own ideas of thinking and understanding. If you cannot think the way that the Sheykh is directing you then it is forbidden for you to think and to try to analyze things by your own self because you are going to come to the wrong understanding. Sheytan is going to be there. So your Sheykh is not there. Sheytan is going to be your Sheykh. And you are still going to say, “He is my Sheykh.” But no. Sheytan is your Sheykh. Sheytan is giving you directions then.

– SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz

Foot Note:
Good morals and manners alone does not make anyone Sufi or inheritor of the spiritual lineage of the Sufi Path. One must have a true Sufi Shaykh and should be sincere to his/her Shaykh.
May Allah help us in this strive ..ameen

To Strive in the Path-Be Humble and Patient


Waliyullahi Hazret Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi (Q.S) Sahibu Saif
Waliyullahi Hazret Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi (Q.S)
Sahibu Saif

We have counted days on this world. If a man calls himself, ‘I’m smart,’ he must know how he is using these days and how he is spending his daily activities.

Don’t think that 21st century people, they have invented the technology, the computer, the planes, they are dancing and modernising, that they have reached somewhere. No. they become more animals, worse than animals. Because in the old days, people at least they were running to keep some orders. Now, the one who is in the order, they are not keeping orders. The ones that who’s saying, ‘I am Muslim, I am believer,’ is not keeping what Allah is ordering.

The knowledge and the stations that the people they are reaching in this world, it is to make the man to become humble. Not to be proud with himself with the knowledge and with everything that he is doing. No. the knowledge, it is to teach you who you are and who your Lord is. Knowledge, it is to teach us that He (swt) is forever; Abadi and Samavi Lord. And you are Abadi and Samavi servant.

Those people in jahiliyyah time also they have houses. According to their time, they have nice clothes that they were wearing. They had their own laws. They think that they were on the right ways, so many of them. When Holy Prophet came and say to them, ‘this is the wrong road. You are going towards the direction of sheytan, to Jahannam. Turn your face to Jannat,’ they uprise to the Prophet (asws).

Some children, they went with the Prophet. Parents they know and they said, ‘he’s putting wrong manners to our children.’ Some, their parents went with the Prophet, their children started rising against to the Prophet. Some wives went to the Prophet, the husbands were rising against to the Prophet. Some husbands went to the Prophet, wives rising against to the Prophet.

Same thing is happening now. Don’t think that you are just, ‘ohh.. so hard for me. Ohh..this is too hard.’ What is hard for you?

You are not putting one step forward. Not ten. You are not giving up from anything. Nothing. You are just leaving the Kufr lifestyle. That’s all. Later claiming, ‘I am Muslims. We are the best of the Muslims.’

No you are not. Allah is saying to us, ‘if you want to change, be with Saliheen.’ Be with those ones. Listen to them. Take it from them and learn and apply to your life.

If you are taking this sohbet seriously, you have to show serious activities. If you don’t take it, it’s still okay with me. I will speak. But we must wake up to our own selves. The Tornado is about to happen. We must wake up before it’s too late.

– SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz

What is cleanness and what is dirtiness in Islam?


Sahibu Saif Hazret Shaykh abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi (Q.S)
Sahibu Saif Hazret Shaykh abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi (Q.S)

What is cleanness and what is dirtiness in Islam?

The Physical cleanness, everyone is clean, they go to the shower two, three times a day. But the dirtiness is the disobedience.

Sheytan was a beautiful creature, he was shining inside the Paradises. Angels, they were looking up to that one. His appearances was very beautiful too. Soon as he became disobedience to Allah, that Nur, that light went away, and he turned into the worst ugly creature through disobedience. And he was sent down to earth. He changed all that with disobedience.

Islam came to make us to be clean, to be clean from every wrong ideas and to enter into Paradise. Allah swt is saying to us, ‘You must come out clean because where you came from is Paradise and Paradise is for clean people. When you go to the world you are dirtying yourself. Clean yourself before you come out from it and only then will you come back to Paradise. Otherwise, if you didn’t clean yourself in the world, then the fire is waiting for you because the fire is the only thing that will clean you.’

Maybe you don’t know but I used to do welding job. I was a welder and I used to do swords. I work on big pieces of metals that were very rusty. There was a coal fire burning and when I put that rusty metal inside the fire, the whole thing turned red. Then I took it out, and placed it on a metal platform and start hitting it with a hammer… tak, tak, tak, tak, two three times and later when it cooled down I would find that there is no more rust. It cleaned the rust right away. If you want to clean that rust by hand it would be impossible. But putting it in the fire, taking it out, putting it on earth, tak, tak, tak three times and it is shiny (Sheykh smiles).

So Allah swt is saying to us that if you come out dirty from this life then the fire is going to clean you. Bodily dirtiness is not like that rust. The body may be dirty on the outside. Maybe you worked too much and you didn’t get the chance to clean yourself up and the Angel of Death came to you. That is okay. Dirtiness is here (Sheykh pointing at the heart).

Pride is the biggest dirtiness that man can have. And praising his own ego, ooh… Then you do need to stay some time in the fire because that is a big dirtiness that you have inside and it needs to be cleaned.
If you think of life like this and if you think like this every day, when Maghrib time approaches we start judging our own selves making our own accounting. Then slowly we will reach somewhere. Daily we will put our lives in front of us saying, ‘I did this, this, this and this today. I got up in the morning I went to this way I came across this person and the person looked very ugly to me but I still did not think bad about this person and I prayed for that one. This happened that happened…’ and you calculate your own self and you can find for yourself what kind of life you have lived today.

So that is important. You must get rid of that smell. You must get rid of the inside dirtiness. That’s why Islam came, to get rid of the characteristics of the ego.

– SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz