Lion Heart- A discourse of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqani (Q.S)

Lion Heart,

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqani (Q.S) and his Lion Sahibu Saif Waliyullahi Hazret Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi (Q.S)
Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqani (Q.S) and his Lion Sahibu Saif Waliyullahi Hazret Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi (Q.S)

Shaykh Mohammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibendi,
Sohbah of the 16th of May 2013,
Lefke – Cyprus

Dastur, Madad, Madad. Madad Ya Rijal Allah Madad. Assalamu Alaikum. Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. Dastur Madad.
We are waiting for your help/ support. So we won’t be weak, so our strength will increase. So our glory will increase. So our state will find power. May the honor of Ummuhan (Hala Sultan) increase. May her gaze always be on us.
Ay Gani Padishah, O our Lord, thanks and praise thanks and praise thanks and praise to the One giving our bodies
stength. O Glorious Prophet (sws), O Glorious Prophet, O Allah’s Beloved One, If we were the sand that you
stepped on… Your honor O Glorious Prophet, is from Allah (swt). There is no one in heavens or earth who can
appreciate your honor. O Glorious Prophet! Grant us help/ support. And may Ummuhan (Hala Sultan) also grant
us help / support. Assalamu Alaikum Ay Yaran Shah Mardan.

May our day pass with honor. May our bodies work on the way of Allah’s worship. May our work our efforts
be service for our Lord. Let’s say – Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. How nice, go ahead O Shah Mardan. Let’s
listen to your instructions. Go ahead O Shah Mardan, Your advice and the adab (good manners) that you will
teach us, we are asking for help/ support to keep those adab. He doesn’t make them suffer, Shah Mardan
does not make his Yaran (ones who love him) to suffer. He doesn’t make them miserable or humiliated.
Shah Mardan’s Yaran, his beloved ones, aren’t made disgraceful. There is no disgrace for them. Thay are
given honnor and value. It is sent down from heavens to earth. honnor, value, superiority It is a divine grant
that it was presented to Prophet (sws). Izzatlu In all of creation, the honnor and value and superiority, that
a person cannot reach was granted to Hz. Rasulullah (sws), Allah’s Beloved one. And His cousin, Shah Mardan
brings honor to this world. Whoever wants honor, let him come to the way of Shah Mardan. So our state will find power. May the honor of Ummuhan (Hala Sultan) increase. May her gaze always be on us.
O Our Lord, The honor of earth, does not do anything for us. O our Lord, with the honor of heavens and
earth, we want from the honor of Your honorable Prophet (sws). Honor comes from heavens. Honor is
not given from earth. People cannot give honor to one another. The honor of people is from heavens.
That is real honor. If not, it is made-up. O people, search for real honor. Ay Yaran Shah Mardan.
Shah Mardan got his honor from heavens. It isn’t from earth. And that is why, his Yaran, his beloved
ones, his friends, their honor also comes from heavens. It comes from heavens to Shah Mardan. And
from Shah Mardan, it goes to his Yaran, to his beloved ones. Let’s be beloved ones to Shah Mardan’s
Yaran. We cannot reach Shah Mardan. Reach to the beloved ones of Shah Mardan so you can find honor!
And on earth, there is a type of honor according to earth. But our true honor is in the hereafter. Ay Shah
Mardan Sahibul Maydan Talibu Ridur Rahman. The gate of the city of knowledge is Shah Mardan.
Teach us, so we will learn. So we will learn, how to fulfill our servanthood for our Lord. That is a very
high rank. But Allah’s (swt) His representative in heavens and earth the one who was given the
sultanate of heavens and earth Sultanul Kawnayn, Sultan of dunya and akhira Habibur Rahman,
Rasulullah Salawatullahi wa Salamu Alayh. wa Ridwan, our Master. Connect with him. How can you
connect to him? By Shah Mardan. Go on his way, that is the honorable way. The honor of earth
is not important. You should have honor in heavens. Your name should be written in heavens, so
they call you an honorable servant. Hold on to the way of Shah Mardan! So your name will be
written as an honorable one in heavens. In newspapers they claim to be something. What value
does greatness from newspapers have? Empty titles. Zero honor. Honor is honor sent from
heavens. Titles that people give one another on earth don’t give people honor. Your name should
be written in heavens among names of honorable ones. Look at this person.

Why are you searching for honor on earth? Dunya is manure. Dunya (this world) is a carcass.
Whoever stands as guard of dunya and wants honor, he is like that (carcass). Those who have
honor from heavens, their appearance is beautiful, without putting perfume, they have a nice
smell. Their smell is 70x better than rose perfume. They have a nice smell. They have a nice
smell in the assemblies they join. Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. The beloved ones of Shah Mardan,
they’re not in need of using perfume. Because their smell has come from Shah Mardan. The
smell of Shah Mardan is not from earth, it’s from heavens. Shah Mardan’s honor is from heavens.
It isn’t from earth. You should look. Search for honor from heavens. Don’t look for honor by
your name written in newspapers. It is worthless. Ay Shah Mardan. The inhabitants of heavens
and earth love you. You are loved. O those who accept Shah Mardan… Ali Ibn Abu Talib,
Allah’s Lion… Follow his morals, holdfast to his way. Accept his adab (good manners). The
honor of dunya is not important. You will be in the station of honor in hereafter. Take the honor
of akhirah (hereafter). The honor of earth is not honor. Carcass. A carcass doesn’t give people
honor. And those guarding carcasses have no honor either. And those running after carcasses are
jackals. Jackals. Don’t be from them! Search for the honor of heavens!

O Shiite, and O Alawi, holdfast to the way of Shah Mardan. That is how he is saying, this is from
Shah Mardan. If you love Shah Mardan, follow his morals/ ethics. Don’t run after carcasses.
Those running after carcasses are jackals, wolves. Those running after carcasses, are not people.
Look to be more like angels. You will enter the presence of Allah (swt). You will find Shah
Mardan. Shah Mardan He will teach you how to stand in the presence. If there is one spot in your
heart of love for dunya, then they do not have any value. Go ahead O Shah Mardan Look at his
teachings, o people. Especially those claiming to be shiite, those claiming to be Alawi. Their
work will be clean. Their rule will be based on justice. Their lives will be clean. Look to be like
them, O Yaran of Shah Mardan. You will be like that. If not, you will not be accepted. “And
whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein” (4:93) Allah
(swt) is saying. O shiite and alawi. The punishment for killing a believer deliberately, is eternal
hell, Allah (swt) is saying. Don’t enter that category. Move back.
Those attacking your religion, defend your religion. But don’t touch believers, don’t kill
believers. Those saying – La ilaha illAllah Muhammadun Rasulullah, don’t lift your sword to
them. Don’t lift your sword to them. He is convicted of punishment in eternal hell. Whoever kills
a believer, will stay in hell eternally. O our Lord, send us a Master. Send us a Sultan. Send us
Shah Mardan. To teach the boundaries to those who do not know their limits. Send a Sultan. This
is a holy month. It is Rajab Shahrullah (month of Allah). Keep respect for this month. O shiite
and alawi. Don’t kill people! Let them live. This is the month of Allah. The holy month that
Allah (swt) has associated with himself. With respect to this month, leave your weapons. Don’t
oppress Muslims! Don’t kill innocent ones! Or else Divine Anger will be on you. And now no
one can stand against it.

Go ahead, O Shah Mardan, Sahib Maydan. Talibu Huda r-Rahman. Let us to be from your
Yaran, your beloved ones. Let us be from those who keep your way. And accept us O Shah
Mardan. So we may be with you. Shah Mardan never even stepped on an ant wrongfully. Those
hiding in their homes, to go to their door and break it down, enter, and invade their virtue and
honor, they will suffer Divine Anger, Beware! Divine Anger everyday it is coming one degree
closer. Divine vengence is coming. Leave/ stop what you are doing. Let’s be pleasant. Let’s love
and be loved, Shah Mardan is saying. This is our way. To take the hand of the one who has
fallen, that is our way. Let’s keep the adab of humanity, that is our way. MashaAllah Ay Shah
Mardan. We are waiting for the Sultan that will come from your pure lineage. Because we have
become a people who have lost their way. Let Hz. Mahdi (as) come to show us the right way.
May he comes with his sword and banner. Black is the colour of magnificence, and majesty.The
Sahib who will come, wears a black turban. He will come like a wind, like a storm blowing away
liars/fake ones as an hurricane. Pay your respect and wrap up black turban. Because it is the
turban of Shah Mardan.

Oh our Lord, Qadir-i Muqtader Our Mawla, For the sake of your beloved one(Habib) may he
gets the permission,no one can prevent/stand against him. When he draws his Dhul Fiqqar not a
single oppresser will remain. Don’t be an oppressor, be rightous! Don’t be wild ,be human!
Don’t play with guns/weapons, Turn your ways towards Allah(jj),so then you may be
acceptable,otherwise you lose light on your face, faith in your heart. Oh our Lord tonight is the
Holy night of Regha’ib; very precious! Leave weapons,oh Shia, cease fire! Hurry to mosques and
masjids to dargahs and repent. So that you may get the blessings of tonight. May the angels ask
for mercy for us. Oh our Lord you know best of our situation. For the sake of Habib-i Kibriya
(the Beloved of the Magnificent) send us, at the night of Regha’ib (the night our Prohet came to
his mother’s womb) for the honor of this holy night may armies of heavens that will destroy
oppressors come. May armies of your beloved Shah Mardan come to finish oppression &
oppressors. Oh our Lord for the sake of this holy night, give us health,faith and affection; to be
in his way,to raise banners of Islam! Our our Lord rejoice our hearts! strengthen our faiths!
Send us your servants who will teach us good manners of Islam. Oh our Lord send us the
owner of time! Al-Aman, al-Aman, al-Aman. Oh our Lord pay us Mercy! Those who didnt
show mercy to ummah, may not get your mercy! Oh our Lord make this night more holy
by opening Sham/Damascus,raising all banners of Islam. May the Muslims make peace,
then happiness and love come. Oh Glorious Prophet(as), Allahumma zid habeebaka
`izzan wa sharafan nooran wa surooran wa ridwaanan wa sultaana. Amin amin amin,
may Allah gives health to our bodies. May rejoicement comes to our families, friends,
Muslim brothers and sisters and to beloved friends of Shah Mardan! May the divine light
and strength come. may the love of Lord fills us and we leave worldly affairs. Qadir’sin,
Muqtadersin. Ya muhawwilal hawli wal ahwal hawwil haalana ila ahsanil hal.

Oh scholars of Egypt,scholars of Sham, scholars of shia, scholars of Turk, India and China,
may we all enter the circle of Adab(manners), Let’s wait altogether the owner of these times;
Vaktin Sahibi. The one who will bring whole world to Islam; may we wait his coming,
Sahibu z-Zaman. May we see him, serve him, respect him and get majesty from him.
The owner of Earth and heavens our Lord, for the sake of your beloved Habib, tonight
the holy night of Regaib, may his light comes onto us. may health comes to our bodies,
may the magnificence of Islam be seen.

Oh our Lord, May the sovereignty of satan collapses! Stand up the friends of Shah Mardan! Be,
Saifu-l Maslool min Suyufi-llah, drawn swords of Allah(jj) against falsehood, against satan,
may we destroy its reign. May we bring the sultanate of Islam, this is what we work for. Syria,
Saudi Arabia, Egypt, these are not the cases. May we raise the banner of Islam! This is what we
want. Allah(jj) will help us, will give us power, angels will come. Don’t fear from the weapons of
unbelievers. Ya Rabbi, Ya Rabbi give us the safety of true faith, Ya Rabbi. For the sake of Habib Kibriya,
oh Shah Mardan, to show and teach us your path, from your clean lineage, we wait Mahdi(as).
Alaihi s-salam wa ‘ala Nabeena ‘alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam. Let’s say tawbah ya Rabbi tawbah
ya Rabbi tawbah astagfirullah. Let’s show the bravery of true faith! all will be dressed with robe
of a lion. Unbelivers had a king,named Richard the lion heart. A servant of Allah, called Richard
the lionheart. He was given this title for a reason. To be a lion heart befits Muslims. suits Muslims,
attribute of Muslims are of lion’s. Isnt he called Richard the lion heart? This title is suitable for
Muslims. He was given that title. Why is that so? He travelled all the way up to Jerusalem to spread
his belief. He found Salahuddin Ayyubi who was a real lion with a lion’s heart against him. May his
station be Paradise. Wait for the owner of these times.

May Allah send us Sahib and Sultan; one Sultan. Shariat says to kill the second one, if there is two Sultans.
There can be only one Sultan in Islam, not two. Come to your senses oh Muslims! “Wa ‘Umirtu An ‘Akuna
Mina Al-Muslimina”(10:72) Noah(as) was ordered to be a Muslim. Who are you? Say: I am Muslim! Don’t
say Arab, shia or alewi, Don’t say Turk or Kurd! Say: we are MUSLIMS! “Huwa Sammakumu Al-Muslimyna”
(22:78) Allahu Dhu l-Jalal is the one who gives us Islam! Oh scholars say it otherwise your torment will be
violent! Tawbah ya Rabbi, Tawbah Ya Rabbi, Tawbah astagfirullah. May our strength and majesty increases!
For the sake of this holy night,may fear falls onto the hearts of oppressors! May they kill each other! May
the banners of Islam raised high! May Mahdi alaihi s-salam comes! For the sake of Beloved Prophet(sws),
oh Shah Mardan Sahib Maydan, from your clean lineage, we wait for Mahdi alaihi s-salam. May he comes
soon! May we open up to destroy reign of satan. We are Muslims al-Hamdu Lillah.



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