Training Students Of Naqshbandi Way and On Visiting Saints of Allah

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

Sohbet-1 Grandshaykhs Method of correcting an action of his Student

Mawlana Shaykh Nazims Classic Sobah on Grandshaykhs Method of correcting an action of his Student-

” Our Grandsheikh was following the Holy Prophet Alay Hi Salaam in that he never held grudges. If a bad characteristic would appear in a murid he would shoot at it immediately and directly, but with other people he used indirect methods of correcting faults; for it is very dangerous to criticize a person directly, as he may then hold a grudge against you, and we must not invite such a situation upon ourselves, or other people.

Only Saints and small children up to the age of eleven may be able to accept criticism without holding a grudge. After children reach the age of twelve they lose this good quality. You may see small children fight, but when it passes it is over. Some few people never lose this good quality, but in our days it is almost inevitably lost.

When a saintly person meets someone he assumes the best and expects to encounter only goodwill, but most people are suspicious and anticipate evil when they meet a stranger. Our Grandsheikh never anticipated evil from anyone, but when he encountered it, he had divine permission to shoot.

Most Sheikhs don’t even use this method of direct criticism on their murids because of possible harmful reactions. Sheikh Sharafuddin once told our Grandsheikh: “If you don’t apply poison to external wounds (i.e. medicine for external use only that would be poison if taken internally) our internally applied medicine might never work.” Al Fatiha

Sohbet-2 On Visiting Saints

Mawlana Shaykh Nazims recent Sobah about Reasons for why the Graves of Awliya are there- “Search for Allah’s Awliya (saints) or those who are following their ways. Go to where they are. In this life, sit at their gatherings. If they are not here, they have moved on. They have their graves. Visit their graves so lights will come upon you, spiritual support, power, faith will come to you. Your lights will increase that is why they made graves/tombs.
In the last days, lousy people will come and destroy the graves. What right do you have to touch graves? This happened everywhere however, their world collapsed over their heads. They say It is prohibited to visit graves but yet they go in front of idols and say you are this and that? (Mawlana means that they praise themselves) That is allowed? satan is making himself to be worshiped by people, they have become disoriented.

O Ya Rabbi It is his noble Dastur. Be careful. It is now coming Dasturu Mukarram, right? Not Dustur, it is Destur. Destur means, an order coming from heavens. It has been given to certain servants. It is said – be cautious with them, they will devastate you. Do not try to come against them. They will turn you into nothing, crush you. Be cautious about speaking poorly about Awliya (saints).” Al Fatiha



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