Spirituality flourish in Quietness: Discourse of Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi (Q.S)


Everyone is talking in these days. Just talking nonsense. Talking back and forth. One says one word and the other one replaces it with ten. The other one doesn’t think to say, `Well, maybe this person is right. Let me just stop.’ No.

‘He said ten words? I am going to give back a hundred.’

That’s the instruction coming from Sheytan. Sheytan is saying that, ‘You must. Don’t stand at the bottom of this. Don’t sit to say this. Who’s that one to say? Give answer back. You have time. You are free.’

Leave those squareheads because that is another problem we have now with believers. They are arguing back and forth and they are spending their lives also with arguments. That’s how Sheytan is fooling us.

What do you believe? You believe this life?

“Yes.” Then follow. Leave everything else.

Is that what the Holy Prophet (sws) said to us? Yes. He said, “In Ahir Zaman you are going to reach to a time when you may know very little. Hold on tightly to those things and live according to that. Be sincere ones. You will find safety.”

It is not our duty to run around now to try to change this world. No. They don’t want to change. We cannot go back and forth arguing with them. It is forbidden. Holy Prophet (sws) forbid us saying, “No arguments. Don’t argue.”

They said, “Ya Rasulullah, even when we are right?”

He said, “When you are right, don’t argue. When you are wrong, run away completely from the arguments.”

When you are right, eh, if they are forcing you so much then say, “Lakum dinukum walia deen.” Keep your religion the way you want.

– SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz



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