Training Students Of Naqshbandi Way and On Visiting Saints of Allah

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

Sohbet-1 Grandshaykhs Method of correcting an action of his Student

Mawlana Shaykh Nazims Classic Sobah on Grandshaykhs Method of correcting an action of his Student-

” Our Grandsheikh was following the Holy Prophet Alay Hi Salaam in that he never held grudges. If a bad characteristic would appear in a murid he would shoot at it immediately and directly, but with other people he used indirect methods of correcting faults; for it is very dangerous to criticize a person directly, as he may then hold a grudge against you, and we must not invite such a situation upon ourselves, or other people.

Only Saints and small children up to the age of eleven may be able to accept criticism without holding a grudge. After children reach the age of twelve they lose this good quality. You may see small children fight, but when it passes it is over. Some few people never lose this good quality, but in our days it is almost inevitably lost.

When a saintly person meets someone he assumes the best and expects to encounter only goodwill, but most people are suspicious and anticipate evil when they meet a stranger. Our Grandsheikh never anticipated evil from anyone, but when he encountered it, he had divine permission to shoot.

Most Sheikhs don’t even use this method of direct criticism on their murids because of possible harmful reactions. Sheikh Sharafuddin once told our Grandsheikh: “If you don’t apply poison to external wounds (i.e. medicine for external use only that would be poison if taken internally) our internally applied medicine might never work.” Al Fatiha

Sohbet-2 On Visiting Saints

Mawlana Shaykh Nazims recent Sobah about Reasons for why the Graves of Awliya are there- “Search for Allah’s Awliya (saints) or those who are following their ways. Go to where they are. In this life, sit at their gatherings. If they are not here, they have moved on. They have their graves. Visit their graves so lights will come upon you, spiritual support, power, faith will come to you. Your lights will increase that is why they made graves/tombs.
In the last days, lousy people will come and destroy the graves. What right do you have to touch graves? This happened everywhere however, their world collapsed over their heads. They say It is prohibited to visit graves but yet they go in front of idols and say you are this and that? (Mawlana means that they praise themselves) That is allowed? satan is making himself to be worshiped by people, they have become disoriented.

O Ya Rabbi It is his noble Dastur. Be careful. It is now coming Dasturu Mukarram, right? Not Dustur, it is Destur. Destur means, an order coming from heavens. It has been given to certain servants. It is said – be cautious with them, they will devastate you. Do not try to come against them. They will turn you into nothing, crush you. Be cautious about speaking poorly about Awliya (saints).” Al Fatiha



Q&AHow do you know which ‘movement’ will bring the Ummah to Mahdi and Khilafat?

How do you know which ‘movement’ will bring the Ummah to Mahdi and Khilafat?


QUESTION: There are many movements trying to bring back the Khilafat, some of the movements are rather aggressive. How do we know which of these movements is the right one?

What is the sign to look for, for us to know that this movement is the one that will bring the Ummah to Mahdi (as)?

Alhamdulillah. It is good. People are waking up and understanding and accepting Hazreti Mahdi (a.s) that he’s coming back. Because so many Muslims, they are not believing in that.

Believe me, so many Muslims, they are even saying, I’m not saying Muslims, but Muslims scholars that people say he’s Sheykhul Islam. That’s why we are hitting hard on this Muslims scholars that some people are even criticising us saying, ‘why is he being so hard on the Muslims scholars and the leaders? He should be hard on everyone.’

I’m saying, because the head leads the body. If you got a good head, the body will be good. You’ve got a bad head, then the whole body is going to be bad. Fix the head. That time you don’t have to fix anything else. Fix the head and these millions of people following the head, they will be alright. But if the head is rotten, they are going to lead all these millions now to Jahannam.

Those ones that they have millions of followers, they don’t even believe that we are living in ahir zaman. They are saying that Mahdi (a.s) is going to come maybe in 500 years, 800 years. Some are saying that (they have millions of followers too), ‘oh we are already living in the time of Mahdi. This is already Paradise.’

Which planet you live on? Really? Sheytan has fooled you that much?

‘No, this is Paradise, we are living in the time of Isa,’ they go one step forward now.

MashaAllah, whatever happen to Syria now? They are living in Paradise?

What happened in Chechenistan? Whatever happened in the whole Middle East? What happened in South East Asia? What happened to everywhere in the world?

What happen to the system of dajjal that everyone is being poisoned daily with everything that we are ready to blow up and destroy this whole planet and ten planets like this, from the top to the bottom, everyone is in confusion, and we are living in the time of Mahdi and Isa? This is Paradise?

You must be completely Sheytanic. No other words to describe. Because Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘yes, in the Ahir Zaman, things are going to get so confusing, black is white and white is black.’

So we come, we entered, we are already in it. We are thick in it, of that time. There are so many movements now, Alhamdulillah, that they are believing in Hazreti Mahdi and believing that we are living in the end of time. Major signs, they have happened, and they are believing in Khilafat. We believe in the Khilafat too. So many groups may believe in Khilafat. How do we know that it is right and which one to follow?

I will say follow any one of them. It’s okay. But sit down and think and understand what is it that they are really believing and what is it that they are really following?

Number one, any Khilafat movement that is pulling the idea of Khilafat away from the Ottomans, big ‘X’ to that. Out…!

If they are not mentioning the Ottomans, if they are not making the connection to the Ottomans, if they are not believing that the Ottomans will come back, big ‘X’ to that. Because this is something that scholars and Awliya Allah, they have been talking about hundreds of years even before the Ottomans they came, saying point by point what is going to happen and how the Ottomans they are going to rule and how they are going to come back, those who possess real knowledge. Those who don’t possess real knowledge, then you are going to give half knowledge to pull people, like they say, ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.’

The Khalifah is going to come. InsyaAllah he will come soon. But understand that the Khalifah is going to come not because a couple of people, hundreds of thousands of people coming together in a group and they are electing the Khalifah. It is not because of that. Or because they are saying and they want. No it’s not because of that.

The Khalifah is going to be appointed from the heavens. The Awliya Allah, they will pull him out. He has already been chosen, anyway. He is behind the veils, preparing. So, the Khalifah now, he has to come.

What is the Khalifah going to bring?

Don’t get fooled now. So many is saying, ‘unity, unity, unity…’ yes, of course he is going to bring unity, definitely he is going to bring unity. But the unity will be under, ‘La illaha ilallah Muhamadur Rasulullah (asws).’

Those who deviate from this, there’s not going to be any unity.

We say, come, come into this circle and say, ‘La illaha ilallah.’

You are not saying, then you don’t belong to the circle, then you must be removed from here. It is ‘La Ilaha Illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah’ only. Not, La Ilaha Illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah Ali waliullah too. And so many other ones, they are making different interpretations of Islam. Because now we have more than 72 groups of Islam.

Khalifah and Hazreti Mahdi (a.s) is not going to come and to say, ‘oh those ones calling themselves Muslims but you are cursing at Hazreti Abu Bakar, Hazreti Umar, you are praising that one who killed Hazreti Umar and you are making him to be a saint and you are celebrating the death of Hazreti Umar every year and you are cursing at the Sahabi e-Kiram and you are doing so many wrong things that is not in the way of Ahlil-Sunnah,’ they are not going to say, ‘Welcome to you.’

They are going to say, ‘either accept this or not. You are not accepting, then you are going to be out.’ And they are going to remove you. Out…!

They are not going to say to this Wahhabi sheytans, ‘oh come my brothers.’ Khalifah is not going to say.

You are planning to blow up the tomb of the Prophet. Or you have destroyed the tombs of the Sahabi e-Kiram, tombs of the family of the Prophet. You have destroyed everything and turn Mecca to be another Las Vegas, and you have destroyed the akidah of the Ahlil- Sunnah and you have turned them away from the love of the Prophet and the Awliya, they are not going to say, ‘welcome to you, sit next to us.’

Khalifah is not going to say that. He is going to remove them.

So many other groups, name who they are.

Yes, that group that is following Hazreti Mahdi (a.s), that is following the Khalifah, is going to be small. What is the Khalifah going to bring?

He is going to bring Shariatullah. He is going to bring the Sunnah of the Prophet (asws). He is going to bring the forgotten practices of the Prophet (asws). The Khalifah that time, is going to bring everyone from the whole world that believes in the Kalimatuh Syahada and believes in the Ahlil Sunnah akidah properly, and he is going to gather them and prepare them.

We are not doing it. He is going to do it. Any group that is going to awaken that feeling of Khilafat, is good. But nothing more than that. There is no permission to do anything more than that. Sit and make zikir. Read and understand your own Sultans. Read and understand your own Kings. Read and understand the Khilafat.

Read and understand and be with those ones who is carrying the blood of the Khalifah and the blood of the Ottomans and who are teaching you about the Ottomans, to connect you to the Ottomans.

That Holy Prophet has praised the Ottomans, Sultan Mehmet Fatih Khan Hz, praising him, he is the best of the generals and his army is the best of an army. Holy Prophet is praising them. Connect to that History. Find groups that is connected to the Osmanli, then that time you’ll be okay.

But it’s not just that now. Any movements have to be supported Heavenly. They have to be supported by the Sultan-ul Awliya. If it is not supported by the Saints, as there are so many other groups that is calling for the Khalifah but they don’t believe so much in the Ahlil Sunnah akidah, meaning they don’t believe in Holy Prophet (asws), in his reality, that he is Hazir and Nazir for instance that we go to his tombs to ask him, and we are asking for his intercession and they don’t believe in all of that, but they believe in Khalifah, put a question mark there.

Khalifah is something else, the khilafat something else. But what is underneath the khilafat, what is underneath, what was underneath the Ottomans for seven hundred years that they were able to carry Islam and bring Islam into the heart of Europe and break the backbones of the shi’is. What was that? What was the backbone?

It is the love of the Holy Prophet (asws).

And they were an Empire of Tarikat, of Sufism, that the Sultans have Sheykhs. All the Sultans, they are high level Awliya anyway, but they all have Sheykhs and all of them in their own rights, they are also Sheykhs on top of being a Sultan. And everyone in the empire, they were following Sheykhs. It was Tarikat and Islam and Tasawwuf that was supporting the Khilafat, the Ottomans. If you take that spiritual support, the heavenly support of the Awliyas, and you just have the Khilafat movement, one day it is going to fall. It is not complete. It is empty and if it is not supported heavenly, then ego and sheytan may enter to bring it to a different understanding.

So, Khilafat movement is okay. It’s good.

Must connect itself with Tarikat.

Must connect itself with Nakshibendi Tarikat.

Must connect itself to Osmanli Nakshibendi Tarikat.

Then that time, it is going to be proper now because things will be balanced. Because understanding the Khalifah and the Khilafat also is not just through reading books. No, there’s no books out there that is going to give proper information anyway, but it has to be knowledge that is pass down from heart to heart, and people who have in their veins the blood of the Ottomans and descendent of the Ottomans, and the Sultans and the Padishahs and the Khalifahs, like our SahibulSaif is.

And we live in countries that is ruled maybe not by Shariat, we have no problems with that. We are not saying and we are not taking up arms or doing things to bring the system down. We are not. We don’t believe in the system. Yes. We have the right to believe what we believe in, isn’t it?

We don’t believe in the system of democracy. Yes. We don’t believe in the system of communism, fascism, whatever that you are putting out there, any ‘ism’ , except for Islam. We believe in Islam, we don’t believe in any other system. That is our right as a human. But, we are not going to be standing and defying the laws of the country. That’s not the way.

The system is going to fall through the heavenly power, for us to get that heavenly power, we have to sit down and we have to make as much ibadah and zikir as we can, connect ourselves to Awliyah Allah, prepare ourselves, loving the khilafat, loving Islam, loving the sunnats, then that time we’ll be ready. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman.

So, this is as much as I can say. Good luck to you. SelamAleykum

Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, the khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibris (qs)

New Ottomans-Yeni OsmanlilarOsmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Sufi Way
New Ottomans-Yeni Osmanlilar
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