Only Mahdi and Messiah can bring Peace to the World


Today because of the Ahir of Ahir Zaman, the Awliya (Saint of Allah) are pulling themselves away from public areas. They are hiding themselves. Even if they come out together, they cannot make the whole desert to become green. They can only make small areas of waters and rivers around them green but not the whole desert. For the whole desert to become green we need rain coming down from Paradise. And for this world to become correct again, for all the seven billion, close to seven billion people to turn themselves back to the right road again, you need someone who is coming with the Heavenly power, Heavenly justice, Heavenly rules and Heavenly laws. Those ones are Isa alayhi salam and Mehdi alayhi salam.

No one can bring any other peace to this world except those. So many millions and billions are going to become disobedient to them too. But those ones are not coming asking people for votes. Don’t forget. They are not coming to ask votes from us. They are coming to set rules and laws to us saying, “This is what your Lord wants. Turn this way.” Their swords are very sharp. It’s cutting from both sides.

Those ones who are coming from Heavenly stations are coming to set the rules and laws back to this world. They are not coming with any new laws and rules. They are coming to bring back the traditions and the Sunnats of the prophets and Holy Prophet (asws). To bring things back alive for people to follow and find the right way. Otherwise, there is no right way. Maybe according to individuals, but not according to the Heavenly stations.

Right and wrong is according to the books that Allah has sent down to us, not according to our own understanding. You go to a Buddhist and ask, “What is right for you?” He will say, “Buddha.” You go to a Christian to ask, “What is right for you?” They will say, “Jesus.” You ask, “Who is that one?” He is whatever the church teaches them. Some churches teach the Trinity and some churches teach that he is only a prophet. Whatever they learn.

Hah!… the rules and the laws have been set fourteen hundred years ago. Mehdi (as) and Isa (as) are ready to come down to set everything back to its place again. They are not bringing any laws. They are not bringing new laws. They are not Prophets. Isa (as) is not coming back as a prophet. It is finished. Prophethood is closed. The Seal of the Prophet Muhammad (asws) sealed it and he closed it. Isa (as) is coming to set the rules and the laws of Muhammad (asws) to live according to that. Mehdi (as) is coming to bring everybody together and prepare them for Isa (as). If anyone, any other systems or any other groups are saying otherwise, we are saying here that it’s wrong. That day is coming when you are going to see that it’s wrong. Right is always only one, not two. The right way is coming all the way from the Prophet’s (saw) teachings until today.

– SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz

Saint of Allah Hazret Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi (Q.S)
Saint of Allah Hazret Shaykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi (Q.S)

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