What is cleanness and what is dirtiness in Islam?


Sahibu Saif Hazret Shaykh abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi (Q.S)
Sahibu Saif Hazret Shaykh abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi (Q.S)

What is cleanness and what is dirtiness in Islam?

The Physical cleanness, everyone is clean, they go to the shower two, three times a day. But the dirtiness is the disobedience.

Sheytan was a beautiful creature, he was shining inside the Paradises. Angels, they were looking up to that one. His appearances was very beautiful too. Soon as he became disobedience to Allah, that Nur, that light went away, and he turned into the worst ugly creature through disobedience. And he was sent down to earth. He changed all that with disobedience.

Islam came to make us to be clean, to be clean from every wrong ideas and to enter into Paradise. Allah swt is saying to us, ‘You must come out clean because where you came from is Paradise and Paradise is for clean people. When you go to the world you are dirtying yourself. Clean yourself before you come out from it and only then will you come back to Paradise. Otherwise, if you didn’t clean yourself in the world, then the fire is waiting for you because the fire is the only thing that will clean you.’

Maybe you don’t know but I used to do welding job. I was a welder and I used to do swords. I work on big pieces of metals that were very rusty. There was a coal fire burning and when I put that rusty metal inside the fire, the whole thing turned red. Then I took it out, and placed it on a metal platform and start hitting it with a hammer… tak, tak, tak, tak, two three times and later when it cooled down I would find that there is no more rust. It cleaned the rust right away. If you want to clean that rust by hand it would be impossible. But putting it in the fire, taking it out, putting it on earth, tak, tak, tak three times and it is shiny (Sheykh smiles).

So Allah swt is saying to us that if you come out dirty from this life then the fire is going to clean you. Bodily dirtiness is not like that rust. The body may be dirty on the outside. Maybe you worked too much and you didn’t get the chance to clean yourself up and the Angel of Death came to you. That is okay. Dirtiness is here (Sheykh pointing at the heart).

Pride is the biggest dirtiness that man can have. And praising his own ego, ooh… Then you do need to stay some time in the fire because that is a big dirtiness that you have inside and it needs to be cleaned.
If you think of life like this and if you think like this every day, when Maghrib time approaches we start judging our own selves making our own accounting. Then slowly we will reach somewhere. Daily we will put our lives in front of us saying, ‘I did this, this, this and this today. I got up in the morning I went to this way I came across this person and the person looked very ugly to me but I still did not think bad about this person and I prayed for that one. This happened that happened…’ and you calculate your own self and you can find for yourself what kind of life you have lived today.

So that is important. You must get rid of that smell. You must get rid of the inside dirtiness. That’s why Islam came, to get rid of the characteristics of the ego.

– SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz