Seeking Knowledge to test others knowledge-21st Century Hypocrisy

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

External scholars connects their Parts of ego (eye,ears,tongue etc) to the books to gain knowledge, and they receive true wisdom only of they are pure internally!.
While Internal scholars (Arif Billah) connect their souls to the Sources of All Knowledge through the spiritual intercession (Waseela) of Prophet (alaihiswalathu wa salam) through AwliyaAllah and receive pure wisdom, it does not matter whether they learn from books by connecting that written knowledge to their spirit through connecting written knowledge to the Owners of Knowledge (Ulool Ilm Quran-3:17) or being illiterate!

Our Prophet (Alaihiswalathu wa salam) was Illiterate, yet He (alaihiswalatu wa salam) is the greatest servant of Allah!

So many people learn many Islamic books, Arabic language etc, thinking that, the book knowledge draws them nearer to Allah!
But the nearest one (Prophet Muhammad alaihiswalatu wa salam) is illiterate! In that, there is a sign for you from your LORD!

Prophet (alaihiswalathu wa salam) called this modern Information Technology and Information revolution age as “second jahiliya-Period of ignorance”! Think Why?

So where is real Islam?, Where is real knowledge? and real scholars?

You are making perception about Islam and religion of Allah (Islam-Imaan-Ihsan) according to the measurement of this time!

You believe learning some University courses on Islam will make someone high ranked in deen, your perception is wrong!

Islam is completed in 23 years of Prophet’s life time!. Wahhabi say that Islam is completed in 23 years and nothing more goodness to be added into it, while Prophet (alaihiswalathu wa salam) says: “Initiating a good practise in Islam is a great deed” Sahih Al Muslim.

The highest in the sight of Allah in this Ummah (nation) is Ashab Al Badr (Martyrs and those who fought in Al Badr)!

So according to crooked Wahhabi way of understanding Deen!: “Islam is completed in 23 years and anything less or more is misguidance”!!!?????

So the Martyrs in Badr and the first martyr in Islam, who were martyred in the first 3-10 years of Islam, their religion is not complete?

Oh foolish people, Oh Wahhabis, where you taking wisdom from?, other than from Satan!
Your knowledge is misguidance to you, because it is acquired by ego, because ego is in friendship with Devil and Evil thoughts!

And you are coming out with your egoistic knowledge and putting titles: Professor, Dr,Brother???

Who gave you this titles?

Are you inventing (Bid’ah) titles to Islamic scholarship?

Bring proof whether Prophet and Sahaba and Salaf did so?

Are you following Christian way of priest hood by calling yourself as preacher  “Brother”??
Ego is the house of Satan and Satan is the House of Darkness and Deception…


We do not find Dr Prophet or Dr Sahabi or Dr/Professor Salafs, and you are claiming to be Salafi,Sunni /Sufi?

Wake up to yourself!


Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem
Some questions to Muslims who attack each other on the matters of Shirk,Bid’ah and Haram!
1-What is the ruling of Music in Hanafi,Shafi,Maliki,Hanbali, Wahhabi, Maudoodhi Mazhabs?(except those music used in Zikr congregations-celebrating the praise of Allah, but to celebrate the praise of your leader/your building or your organizations/your leader), are your groups complying with the shari’ah law regarding music in your programs and events, bot online and off line?

2- What is the ruling of Shari’ah in appointing the head of the state (Amir)?(according to Hanafi,Shafi,Maliki, Hanbali,Wahhabi,Maudoodi Mazhabs), Are your leaders are appointed according to Islamic Shari’ah?

3-What is the ruling of Shari’ah Law in marrying your sons/daughters as well as the laws of it’s feast? Are your scholars and priests who attend the marriage ceremony and you as the head of the family complying with the Laws of Shari’ah according to Mazhabs as mentioned above?

Are you complying with the laws correctly or taking something from Shari’ah and leaving something aside?

If yes, then correct yourself first and then come to teach us about your Mazhabs and Shari’ath!
Otherwise you are only wasting my time and your time!
We do not need non-practising (according to their knowledge) priests and mullas to teach Islam and Shari’ath!

In Tarikat we have protocol to whom we listen to and whom we don’t give the respect of the voice of, even the respect giving to the voice of the donkey when it cries at late night!

Wa Salam alaikum

By-Jouhar Ali Naqshbandi Al-HassaniHoly Koran



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